123D Technology


123D Technology creates software for simulating petroleum charge, pathway, and source-origin on a regional scale in frontier area and on a local scale for field optimization and infield drilling based on input of present day stratigraphy.
123D Sim&Vis; utilizes dynamic timestep-control, optimized numerical scheme with respect to minimizing computation times, fast sparse-matrix solver, option for parallel processing using shared or distributed memory, and finally shrewd shoe-horns for impeding oscillations during the iterative solution procedure.
Simulation & Visualization results:
? Display of oil, gas, and condensate reserves based on simulation results of hydrocarbon distribution and PVT properties obeying user defined demarcation criteria of reservoir properties
? Display of hydrocarbon migration pathways starting at the source rock, migrating through the carrier bed, and accumulating in the reservoir
? Full 3D visualization with rotate and zoom
? Extraction of 2D line, 1D well, history plot, and subsidence profile of all variables at user defined locations at user selected reporting times
? Options for importing control points and culture data

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