Hainan Strait Port , China

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Hainan Strait Port , China:

Location details

business opportunities: VIT Corporation 410.9km, Anhoa Engineering & Services 411.0km, Guizhou Suncon Group Ltd 418.4km, Air Energy Vietnam 429.4km

China, Asia

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Port details

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Anchorage depth:
Cargo pier depth:
Oil terminal depth:
Dry dock:
Harbor size:
Railway size:
Harbor type:
Max size:

Coordinates: 19°6′24.00″N 109°34′3.00″E

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  • S310白沙 2014/03/22
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  • 从驿站房间看罗帅的田野和天空 2014/03/22
  • S310鹦哥岭的一小部分 2014/03/23
  • S310红坎瀑布路口 2014/03/22
  • 从S310省道路口进来去红坎大坝 2014/03/23
  • 闲逛到附近的一处种满橡胶树的小山上 2014/03/22
  • 南边还有一条小溪 2014/03/22

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