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  • 大树底下 Big tree
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  • San Diego County Admin. Bldg
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  • San Diego California Tower Museum of Man
  • San Diego Marriott Marquis & Convention Center, California
  • USS Midway Museum, San Diego, California
  • Isabella to Point Loma
  • Pedestrian bridge to Petco Park over Harbor Drive in San Diego California, USA
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  • Floating restaurant
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  • Marina Park Fishing Pier at Dusk with Coronado Bay Bridge
  • Panorama San Diego CA
  • in SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego, CA
  •  San Diego Downtown (NW-SE, 160/25°, 38 mm)
  • Con Cọp - Tiger in San Diego Zoo (
  • SAHARAN DORCAS GAZELLE - This delicate animal is a true desert dweller. It can go entirely without water, obtaininng moisture from the plants it eats. The gazelle's creamy coat color helps it blend with the desert environment and reflects sunlight to help keep it cool.