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  • Sam Houston Mural on Vopak Storage Tank
  • Battleship Texas closeup
  • Refinery - Houston
  • San Jacinto State Park
  • Chemical Plant on Ship Channel
  • San Jacinto Monument / Texas Revolution 1836 / Winter 2005
  • Approaching the Energy Capital
  • Ship channel - Houston
  • Port of Houston
  • Crossover Inbound Range Front Light and Houston Ship Channel Light 126
  • 유월 하순에 본 꽃을,,, Houston TX
  • near San Jacinto Monument
  • Car Ferry on Lynchburg Road TX
  • San Jacinto monument Deer Park TX
  • Cargill Grain Elevator
  • Jesse Jones Bridge
  • Intercontinental Terminals
  • Houston Refinery Oil Depot
  • Brigde over Bayou
  • Munitions Storage From WWII I Guess
  • Along the Pasadena Highway
  • San Jacinto Monument (Texas)
  • USS Texas BB-35
  • Do birds like leaves?
  • Six flags
  • San Jacinto Battleground, close Houston, Texas (01-2003)
  • Power lines
  • These birds may not stay here long
  • A beautiful pattern!
  • Fishing at San Jacinto River Deer Park Texas
  • Ship Channel
  • Battleship Texas
  • San Jacinto - Battleground for Texas Independence
  • Ship Channel
  • 멈춰서야 한다니 San Jacinto Battleground TX
  • San Jacinto Battleground
  • Houston, battleship Texas 1969/70
  • 카페리를 타고 San Jacinto River Houston TX
  • San Jacinto Monument
  • San Jacinto Monument
  • Sam Houston in the battle of San Jacinto
  • BattleShip Monument Houston TX
  • San Jacinto Monument
  • The San Jacinto monument
  • San Jacinto Monument
  • "BBC Neptune" at Cargill Grain Elevator
  • Intercontinental Terminals
  • Battleship Texas & San Jacinto monument in low morning fog
  • Battleship Texas
  • San Jacinto Battleground Monument