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  • San Pablo Bay
  • The once proud Mare Island Shipyard in Vallejo, Ca.
  • Bridge along the 80 - Feburary 2007
  • Nocturnal
  • Refinery and PGE at Sunset - Rodeo, CA (suz)
  • Eckley Pier
  • Sunrise
  • Al Zampa Memorial and Carquinez Bridges - Observation Deck - Looking Southwest at Crockett, CA (suz)
  • Wilson Lake 1
  • Mare Island
  • A railroad in Crockett
  • Vista Court Benicia
  • Once proud
  • San Francisco from the plane
  • NuStar Energy Selby Terminal
  • Visitor Center, Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve
  • Mare Island Naval Cemetery
  • San Francisco / Carquinez Bridge on the Hghw 80
  • Vintage Cannons
  • Machine Shop
  • Behind the Nantucket Restaurant - Crockett, CA (suz)
  • Below Carquinez Bridges - Early 1980s Before the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge - Crockett, CA (suz)
  • Marina
  • Mare Island Naval Shipyard
  • Carquinez Bridge - March 1986 - Crockett/Vallejo, CA (suz)
  • Carquinez
  • Crockett, CA from Al Zampa Bridge (suz)
  • Refinery at Sunset - Rodeo, CA (suz)
  • Interstate 80 / Carquinez Bridge
  • Carquinez Bridge - March 1986 - Crockett/Vallejo, CA (suz)
  • Canadian Geese brief pit stop at Wilson Lake
  • über die Benicia Brücke
  • Zampa-Carquinez
  • Reloj del Pez muerto
  • Carquinez Strait Bridges