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  • Three monkeys "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"
  • WHITFORD (Wales) MAEN ACHWYFAN wheel-headed slab cross ( Croix d'influence celtique fin du Xème siècle -2007- )
  • Three modes of transport
  • St Winifride's Well - The pool
  • Greenfield Valley Mill Pond
  • Wind turbine blades
  • Old Mostyn Railway Station
  • Buoy and birds; Dee estuary
  • Royal Oak
  • Warm day and a big tree
  • Nearly there
  • Coastal view
  • Stream crossing
  • Pantasaph Retreat Centre & Friary
  • Express on the main line
  • Tan Lan
  • What's that in the field?
  • Passing train
  • Airbus A380 Parts Ship In Mostyn Dock
  • Mostyn Dock
  • Lletty Hotel
  • Point of Ayr and Lighthouse from the air.
  • ferros tower in whitford
  • View along N Wales coast from Point of Ayr
  • Dunroaming
  • Duke Of Lancaster
  • Boat from Train
  • Old Mostyn Signal Box
  • Wind Turbines being loaded onto ship
  • Greenfields Valley Dam
  • Old Cotton Mill
  • Another Roadside Attraction by Jonathan Polkest
  • Duke of Lancaster
  • Old Oak Tree
  • Mostyn dock at dusk
  • Fun Ship
  • Fabric warehouse
  • Duke Of L
  • Alkabam
  • Duke of Lancaster Ship
  • Dee estuary
  • Holywell IMG_5322
  • Passing express
  • Footbridge over the railway
  • looking towards Mostyn Dock
  • entrance to Mostyn Dock
  • Cross, Pantasaph Friary, near Holywell, UK