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  • 1640 PORT MEDWAY RD, Greenfield, NS B0T 1E0
  • Greenfield Valley, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
  • Port Dock Station Railway Museum Ad
  • 2013 Tour de France a la Voile In-Port Races.
  • Shelter Bay fire on J dock
  • BBC News  Flintshire fire: Crews tackle Greenfield factory blaze
  • Four Season Boutique Resort in Port Severn, Ontario, Canada
  • Ted Lee Plays On Dock 3/24/14 Jamestown, RI
  • Port Medway
  • Meridian Associates, Greenfield Expansion Project Support
  • Heaviest road load - Didcot Transformer nr Bristol 640 tons 100m long, going to Avonmouth Docks
  • Folding up the tender dock combined video
  • Minecraft JagCraft - Episode 2 - Large Dock
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  • Gloria Greenfield Speech
  • Minecraft- Lets Build A Medieval Kingdom 15 - Docks Part 2
  • Flintshire Audio Trail - Flint Marsh
  • East Port Medway North
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  • Port Medway Harbour
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  • 2 Acres of Tennessee Land For Sale - Greenfields South Lot 1
  • N.S Snow storm March26 2014
  • Quarry. Tonka toys
  • Basingwerk Abbey
  • St Winifride's Well - The pool
  • Tidal inlet on River Dee estuary
  • Sunset over River Dee
  • Wales
  • River Dee
  • Looking towrds Halkyn Quarries
  • Greenfield Valley Mill Pond
  • Bagillt "harbour"
  • towards north wales..... nearly a new tale for the Mabinogion!!!
  • Y NANT
  • Factory near Holywell (from a balloon)
  • Dee Estuary
  • Dee shore
  • Royal Oak
  • Nearly there
  • Coastal view
  • Stream crossing
  • The Cheshire Plain
  • site of Bagillt station
  • Flood defences near Flint
  • Heron, cormorants and oyster catchers wait for low tide
  • Passing train
  • Flint harbour
  • Greenfield and Holywell in distance
  • view from Halkyn Mountain
  • The Mill Reservoir
  • Boat from Train
  • Bagillt "harbour"
  • Greenfields Valley Dam
  • Factory ruins
  • Old Cotton Mill
  • Royal Oak sign
  • Duke of Lancaster
  • Greenfield Valley
  • Old houses at Greenfield Valley heritage Park
  • Millpool
  • Estuary view from Greenfield
  • Redundant works
  • Basingwork Abbey
  • High tide along Dee estuary
  • Crossing the tracks
  • High tide along Dee estuary
  • high tide along the Dee estuary
  • Passing express
  • shell sculpture
  • along the Dee estuary
  • view of Kelsterton power station
  • St Mary's, Bagillt