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  • La Rocque Harbour
  • La Rocque Jersey
  • La Rocque Jersey
  • Rough sea at La Rocque.
  • Vega flying wing over Grouville and La Rocque, Jersey
  • Bouncing Boats
  • Club Apnea Spearfishing Dive 15.9.2012
  • St Cath's DW
  • La Rocque
  • La Rocque Sunrise Time Lapse
  • Jersey La Rocque gutter
  • KING DIAMOND - Just A Shadow
  • cruise1dint.wmv
  • Rozel harbour Jersey
  • Australie - Paysages
  • Paragliding in Guernsey."Grande Rocque"
  • Gorey Harbour and Mont Orgueil from the air
  • Dragslo - Peace of mind - King Diamond
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  • Devon à la plage au camping
  • Drive: From Green Island to Fort Henry
  • Porto Rafti, Greece
  • caravelle boat 4 cylindre 135hp
  • Dartmouth Nova Scotia looking towards Halifax Harbour
  • MVI 0107 - Baby Swans (Cygnets') with Ducks & Geese, Orillia Fish & Game Sanctuary
  • Le château de Mont Orgueil est situé sur l’île de Jersey à l'extrémité sud-est de la paroisse de Saint-Martin sur la commune de Gouray
  • Anne Port
  • Forteresse de Gorey
  • Dolmen de Faldouet
  • Archirondel Tower
  • Oyster Farm
  • Archirondel Tower, Jersey, Panorama
  • Fliquet Bay
  • Seymour Tower
  • Mont Orguiel Castle on x35 zoom
  • La Coupe
  • Ready and Waiting for Something
  • Gorey Castle from the Harbour
  • Isle of Jersey; Mt. Orgueil Castle (TR)
  • Forteresse de Gorey
  • Mont Orgueil castle
  • Gorey
  • in das alte Gemäuer eingebaute Beobachtungsstände
  • Maisons sur le port de Gorey
  • La Rue a Don
  • Gorey Harbour Insel Jersey
  • Die Burg wurde im 2. Weltkrieg im alten Stile "modernisiert"
  • Morning Gorey, Sept 2002
  • Die runden Türme dienten nach dem Ausbau als Beobachter und Feuerleitstände.
  • Gorey harbour
  • Evening view on Castle Mont Orgueil from Sailing Jantje moored near the village of Gorey, Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands
  • Castle Mont Orgueil viewed from Sailing Jantje moored near the village of Gorey on the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands
  • St Catherine´s Breakwater
  • Anne Port
  • St. Catherine's Breakwater
  • Sailing Jantje moored near the village of Gorey, Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands
  • Gorey Harbour 3
  • Mont Orgueil from Gorey, Sept 2002
  • Mont Orgueil Bell Tower
  • Gorey Castle
  • Mont Orgueil Trebuchet
  • Gorey Castle closer in, tide out.
  • gorey
  • End of Gorey Pier
  • St Catherines Bay, Jersey
  • Beach & Castle
  • Apartments in Gorey
  • View from St. Catherine's Point, Jersey
  • Fliquet Tower, Jersey, Panorama
  • Gorey Castle, Jersey
  • Coast At Gorey
  • Gibraltar & St. Catherine's Bay, Jersey, Panorama
  • Approaching Gorey from La Roque, Jersey, Panorama
  • Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey
  • Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey