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  • Millenium Footbridge  South Wales- Black and Gold
  • Transporter Bridge
  • Isca Roman Amphitheatre
  • Across the Usk at Newport
  • Newport, river Usk.
  • Caerleon Castle remains
  • train warming up
  • One of the buldings on the Campus of University Of Wales Caerleon, Newport
  • New road bridge over the Usk at Newport
  • Inside St Woolos Cathedral Newport
  • Uskmouth Power Station
  • Somerton Bridge
  • Newport Transporter Bridge. One of only six in the world. 100 years old and still working.
  • The Usk near Newport
  • Newport Wetlands Centre
  • Caerleon Bridge
  • Uskmouth Power Station 2
  • Malpas Court
  • The Bell Inn, Caerleon
  • Goods yard sidings
  • Beechwood House, Newport
  • Blast Furnace, Corus
  • # THE CELTIC MANOR GOLF COURSE - Ryder Cup 2010.
  • Caerleon Roman Barracks
  • Wastesavers and Transporter Bridge
  • An engineer's wet dream
  • © Émerson-V
  • Newport Millenium Footbridge 09
  • Houses lining Bond Street, on the bank of the River Usk, Newport, Wales.
  • the engineers arms
  • Transporter bridge.
  • Caerleon Roman Barracks
  • Casnewydd /  Newport
  • St Woolos Cathedral at Newport
  • Riverside nostalgia at Newport
  • THD002~1
  • Newport Millenium Footbridge 01
  • Castle street Caerleon
  • Via sagularis, Isca Augusta (Isca Silurum)
  • Caerleon town walls
  • Newport Wetlands Centre
  • Caerleon Roman Amphitheatre panorama
  • Caerleon Fortress wall and turret
  • Newport Transporter Bridge
  • Caerleon Garden wall
  • Gold Tops, Newport
  • Newport at Night - The Millenieum Footbridge 02
  • Celtic Manor Golf resort*