The Quarantine Anchorage is centered in position 35°05'N 129°07.25'E in the North Outer Harbor.

Pusan has designated anchorages in the North Inner and Outer Harbors, as indicated by the letters "E", "O2", and "M" on Figure 4. These anchorages are used almost exclusively by commercial vessels. Each of the anchorages offers medium to good holding on a mud bottom.

As shown on Figure 15, there are five designated anchorage areas in the South Outer Harbor off the south west side of Yongdo Island:

N-1 Maximum of 1,000 grt

N-2 1,000-3,000 grt

N-3 3,000-10,000 grt

N-4 10,000 grt or more

N-5 10,000 grt or more

U. S. Navy and Maritime Prepositioned Ships generally anchor in
N-4 and N-5. The bottom is composed of mud and offers medium holding ground.

The Outer Harbor Anchorages do not offer any protection from southerly and southeasterly winds or seas. As a result, liberty boat and ferry runs to/from vessels anchored in the North and South Outer Harbor anchorages are often cancelled whenever wind speeds approach 30 kt. In 1995 ten vessels dragged anchor and three vessels went aground due to a "Southern Blast" on May 13th. There is no protection from winds and seas in the event of a tropical cyclone.

There are no mooring buoys in the Port.