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  • Danube bridge construction / February 2011
  • Дунав/ Danube/Дунáй /Dunaj
  • Danube river
  • Danube river
  • Danube river
  • Danube river
  • Danube river
  • Sunrise on Danube
  • Calafat by angelescu
  • calafat noaptea
  • Calafat, puente sobre el Danubio. Julio de 2011
  • Видин, май 2013
  • Calafat by angelescu
  • CalafatRO-FERRY-BOAT
  • New bridge Vidin - Calafat
  • Nice sunset over Bulgaria
  • Мостът „Нова Европа“ / Тhе "New Europe" Bridge
  • Baba Vida castle
  • Vidin's park
  • Calafat (Bacul)
  • Baba Vida Castle
  • Baba Vida Castle
  • Baba Vida Castle in Vidin, Bulgaria
  • Danube bridge construction / February 2011
  • hora pomilor by angelescu
  • Danube river
  • Baba Vida,Bulgaria
  • tratta Vidin-Calafat...navigando sulla linea di confine Bulgaria/Romania
  • Moony night over Danube river
  • The new bridge Danube2- Vidin, Bulgaria :) Special made for Jeff
  • Through the gates
  • This is the point where you get checked by the Romanian border police.  Then you drive up some meters further past the big roof  and turn  around ,like these big lorries  and off you go . There were  many roads works to this way which caused so much delay on the journey ,it was even such a luck to catch this last boat to Bulgaria .
  •  Топ капия / Top Kapiya
  • Danube Between Romania & Bulgaria
  • On board the barge crossing the Danube into Bulgaria
  • Danube river
  • Дунав мост  Видин-Калафат - срсдна опора
  • Дунав мост 2, май 2013
  • Bridge Vidin - Calfat
  • Gate
  • Cveta in back :)))) Panoramio friend, SEE
  •  Видин, поглед от от ферибота.
  • The new bridge Danube2- Vidin, to  Romania
  • New bridge Vidin - Calafat
  • #4 Крепост "Баба Вида", Видин  / Baba Vida fortress, Vidin
  • Neue Brücke zwischen Bulgarien und Rumänien im Bau
  • Calafat. Plataforma para construir un puente sobre el Danubio. 8º Viaje a Rumania. Julio de 2011
  • Danube river at night
  • Vidin
  • Calafat by angelescu