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  • Super Shuttle Ferry - Frm Dapitan to Dumaguete Port 7-10-2010 AM -2
  • MOV01129 Dumaguete Port
  • Michell Arrives at Dumaguete Port
  • Rescue MV Zamboanga Ferry in the Port of Dumaguete.
  • Tricycle ride from Hotel Essencia Dumaguete to Sibulan Sea Port IMG 0451 July 13
  • Riding 3-cycle from Sibulan Port to Dumaguete City
  • 24 Oras:  Isang barko mula sa Zamboanga City, sumadsad sa Dumaguete Port
  • M-V Zamboanga Ferry, hindi na umabot sa Dumaguete Port matapos tumirik sa gitna ng karagatan
  • Super Shuttle Ferry - Frm Dumaguete to Dapitan Port 6-27-2010 PM
  • Dumaguete City Sea Port View from the Boat
  • QRT: PCG: Barkong sumasadsad sa   Dumaguete port, di pa nakitaan   ng pagtagas ng langis
  • Super Shuttle Ferry - Frm Dapitan to Dumaguete Port 7-10-2010 AM -1
  • Dumaguete City Sea Port View
  • Dumaguete City Port to Dapitan
  • Port dumaguete.3gp
  • Casa Margaritha Hotel - Dumaguete - Philippines
  • Filipina Courting Techniques - Name in Sand Method
  • Zamboanga Ferry GP in Dumaguete City.MPEG4
  • Dumaguete City
  • i met Renny at the air port
  • Zamboanga Ferry in Dumaguete City Port
  • "Come on and look around me, here lies the beauty of Dumaguete and its passion to welcome people still and will always stay close in your thoughts, amidst time and space, in the boulevard  of your heart, you'll see me eternally"
  • "You have heard me before, as you have heard me now and will be hearing me even then."  God's word is endless.
  • One cloudy noontime
  • Negros Oriental Capitol Building (W, Nov 2007)
  • Pier of Sibulan (NNE, Sep 2007)
  • Jeepney with Children, outside Dumaguete Airport
  •  Roads construction run in almost  A - Z  of Dumaguete  ( as seen May 2009 )
  • Agan-an , Sibulan  during low tide
  • Silliman  Beach  of Dumaguete ( Philippines )
  • Journey back home
  • Mt. Talinis
  • Private Garden
  • banica river
  • Sunset in Dumaguete City
  • Dumaguete City
  • Sunset at Piapi
  • NORSU - Main Campus 2
  • Dumaguete Boulevard at night
  • Dumaguete
  • Perdeces St .,  Dumaguete
  • Silliman Unverisry Ground with UCCP building in the background (W, Nov 2007)
  • Dumaguete Boulevard (N, Nov 2007)
  • Mt Talinis as viewed from Bethel Hotel rooftop (WSW, Nov 2007)
  • Dumaguete Cathedral (W, Nov 2007)
  • Oceanjet Ferry at Dumaguete Pier
  • Sibulan Sunrise with Sumilon and Cebu Islands in the background (NE, Sep 2007)
  • Silliman University Museum (NW, Nov 2007)
  • Dumaguete
  • At the cross roads ( Dumaguete city )
  • Silliman Beach today  (  July  2010   )
  • Morning shores of Sibulan with Mt Balinsasayaw in the background (W, Sep 2007)
  • Sibulan with Mt. Talinis in the background (SSW, Sep 2007)
  • Some said it is the boulevard of broken dreams ( at the  Dumaguete  boulevard )
  • Near the port area of  Dumaguete  with view of the Boulevard
  • Sibulan Church
  • Silliman University - Main Campus
  • PhilippineDawn
  • Fiber Optics???
  • Capitol building, December 2007
  • Dumaguete Cathedral at night
  • Dumaguete Airport
  • View of Dumaguete from the barge
  • Port of Dumaguete City
  • Royal Suites Inn frontage
  • Negros Maritime school facade along the highway, W
  • this is where both exotic and native foods are sold - ready to eat, SE
  • Dumaguete 2006
  • Silliman University - Mission Hospital, ca 1950
  • Dumagete Harbor