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  • Pilot Disembarking off Norway - Leaving port Tananger
  • Fjordline ferry boarding
  • Tananger to Stavanger in 16 sec
  • After disembarking the boat... The last video. Or not....
  • Ilawa ship handling training center part 2
  • Leaving another port in Norway (August 18, 2007)
  • Harbor work with Tananger
  • Disembarking
  • Giant Travely by Egon  feb 2014
  • Broadbay Sailing Stornoway Harbour
  • Europe 2010 Sweden &
  • Ilawa ship handling training center part 3
  • Norway - Flekkefjord
  • Pilot disembarking ship out of Georgetown, SC
  • 2.-Ship in storm - bad weather - heavy seas - big waves-.
  • 17 may stavanger tog :) 2013
  • Kom i form med Duen Tv   Stavanger sentrum juli 1993
  • Jan Petters konfirmasjon, 2013
  • Stavanger Speculum 1992   Eksil på BRFR Nytorget   lang vers, m åpningsarrangement
  • Stavanger Sjanty kor på Sjøfartsmuseet
  • The Long Day   Den lange dagen
  • Stavanger Speculum 1992 Eksil prosjektet 16 mai 1992 kl 1300
  • Stavanger Sjøfartsmuseum
  • rc p51 mustang
  • Fire and Ice
  • Jæren skies and setting sun
  • light beams
  • The golden hour
  • Waiting ...
  • The twilight tree
  • The Reality of the Water Colour, Oil Storage Tanks
  • As the sun sets at Sola, the electorate of the UK have just 25 minutes before the polling stations close!
  • Wild tulips on Tananger Coast on a misty morning
  • Boat and jetty, or upon reflection,  jetty and boat!
  • Alexander  Kielland Memorial. The Broken Chain
  • Nausta på Tananger
  • Tananger Church
  • Boathouses at Brunnavika
  • Sola Ruin Church
  • Frozen Hålandsvatnet.  "Go There, Don't Know Where", thank you Olga and Николай Эрдман.  More Unintentional Art.
  • A chink in the grey armour of the sky reveals curtains of gold
  • Tananger
  • Picking up the bales
  • Isn't it a shame to spoil this virgin snow?
  • cloudy evening
  • #10 Colony of nesting terns
  • Cocksfoot Grass at Tananger Havn
  • West coast before sunset
  • Evening light at Risa Vika
  • Inverse proportions!  For my dear friend Mira
  • The Orange Network - the future's bright!
  • The Girls of Flatholmen for Mike, Per and Marianne.  Sculpture by Svein Magnus Håvarstein.
  • Tananger sunset
  • Pilot boats in Tanager harbour
  • Risavika himmelen
  • North Sola rocks
  • Tananger Indre Havn.  Sakte Fart - Maks 5 Knop!
  • Quicksilver
  • En endring i været på Sola stranden
  • UFO.  Please enlarge
  • Sola
  • Tananger
  • Goodbye Mira.  Нахеро?
  • Stavanger 29.08.08
  • Reunited with Tananger and the Nikon #6. Preparing the ground for storage
  • Det er kaldt i Tananger
  • A lonely walker on Solastranden
  • Then right ...
  • KiteSurfing
  • Sola Kirke
  • Det er ikke så ofte snøen og isen ligger seg ved Jærkysten
  • Tananger
  • A Cat in the Reeds
  • Arrivals at Sola