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  • North Canterbury
  • Jed Creek
  • Tombstone at Jed Cemetary
  • High Pasture
  • Cathedral(?) things
  • Drift wood
  • Gore Bay, NZ
  • Sunny and peaceful afternoon in Cheviot
  • Hurunui Town, South Island, New Zealand 1997
  • Lake near Cheviot
  • Home to Sheep - Derelict House North Canterbury
  • Beckenham Hills, near Cheviot
  • Gore Bay, New Zealand
  • snow
  • Dawsons at Nonoti Rd.
  • Sunset in Canterbury
  • Buxton Creek, Gore Bay
  • Distance is a friend.
  • Pond reflection
  • Gore Bay
  • Near Cheviot
  • Night at Gore Bay
  • Gore Bay
  • "Paradise"
  • Camí de Cheviot
  • St John's
  • Gore Bay
  • Lake near Cheviot
  • Gore bay, tree trunk
  • Gore Bay
  • St Anthony's
  • Cheviot War Memorial
  • Gore Bay 2 - New Zealand - 2008.03.01
  • St. Ann's Lagoon
  • Gore Bay
  • 切维厄特  Cheviot
  • Old House
  • Gore Bay
  • Gore Bay, Cheviot
  • Gore bay and beyond
  • Sunset on Tennis cheviot tennis courts
  • light dusting
  • Cheviot Emergency Centre - McQueen Road
  • Jed Valley Historic Cemetery
  • Last Light in Cheviot, October, 2009
  • Start of track to Jed Cemetery (Historic)
  • Gore Bay
  • Mist off the ocean
  • The Buxton River at Gore Bay