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  • ★ STOP SOLIDERE! أوقفوا سوليدير كما نشاهدها على مبنى الـ سان جورج - ►►►FOR FULL STORY + The Surprising Details: Visit the Photo to the Right and Read the First Comment ►►►
  • ◄Phonecia Intercontinental Hotel (Left) ★ (Right) Hotel Monroe►
  • Martyr's square  ساحة الشهداء
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  • Rue Hamra - شارع الحمرا &  عمر بن عبد العزيز- Wimpy & Red shoe Corners
  • Two religions in the same block
  • St Elie Maronite - Church...The unique blend...باب إدريس
  • In a Black Stormy Day... Hamra Street
  • [+] Eye of Digital Storm above Beirut
  • BEIRUT; Beirut is destination for tourists from both the Arab world and West. The once destroyed city centre is thriving once again. Its former reputation as a crossroads between three continents and gateway to the East. there is plenty of sightseeing, shopping, cuisine, and nightlife to keep a tourist within the city limits. The city has sleek, modern buildings alongside arabesque Ottoman buildings, giving Beirut a unique and distinctive style often not seen in other Middle Eastern cities.
  • Rue Hamra - شارع الحمرا - Cinema Hamra
  • St Elie Armenian Catholic Church - كنيسة مار إلياس للارمن الكاثوليك
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  • Libano-Beyrut _2002
  • Grand Mosque (Hariri's burial place)
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