Port of Aokata, Japan

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Port of Aokata, Japan:

Location details

business opportunities: NBB Group ( Norahan - Bonavar - Barzin) 196.7km, Tehran Bast Co. 196.7km, Shib 196.7km, National Iranian Oil Company 196.8km, Daewoo International Corporation 390.0km, Al Iesaunited 419.2km, National Petroleum Services Company 424.0km, Safwan Petroleum Technologies Co WLL 425.7km, Gulf Drilling & Maintenance 425.7km, TECNA Arabia Company Ltd 448.9km

GMT+9 (Oct 29, 10:02)
Weather now:
24° C
Japan, Asia

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Port details

Water location:
Sea of Japan (Sea)
Korea Strait (Strait)
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Anchorage depth:
15.5m - 16m
Cargo pier depth:
Oil terminal depth:
21.6m - 22.9m
Dry dock:
Harbor size:
Very Small
Railway size:
Harbor type:
Open Roadstead
Max size:

Coordinates: 32°58′60.00″N 129°4′0.00″E

Photos around Port of Aokata

  • Church OOSO
  • Church AOSAGAURA
  • Enokizu Distant View
  • 船崎の海岸.nots
  • 鯛ノ浦教会内部
  • 祝言島を望む.nots
  • Arikawa-port,Kamigoto-Iland,Nagasaki,Japan
  • 上五島国家石油備蓄基地
  • 新上五島町役場
  • 西肥バス
  • Aosagaura Church, important cultural property
  • Ooso
  • On the way to Ooso
  • Ooso Church
  • 上五島国家石油備蓄基地をフェリー太古より望む
  • Sayonara Arikawa! Sayonara Gotou!
  • 上五島病院, Kamigoto Hospital
  • Yokosaki Beach Gotou Japan

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