Wilkens Weather Technologies, L.P.


Based in Houston, TX USA with an additional forecasting office in Aberdeen Scotland, Wilkens Weather Technologies, L.P. has provided weather forecasting services to the offshore and energy industries for over 30 years worldwide. With meteorologists working 24/7/365, the focus of WWT is to provide the most accurate information and up to date tools in order to insure operational efficiency and customer safety. Forecast services include offshore and land based site specific forecasts, marine weather and severe weather alerts, route and tow forecasts, tropical weather forecasting and support, customized wind/sea/swell forecasts, and high resolution weather and ocean current forecast data (hour by hour). Historical studies and hindcasts are also available. WWT also provides a customized webpage to all clients with access to site specific forecasts, ship/buoy/station data, weather forecast graphics, satellite, radar, lightning, GIS tools, and tropical weather data. Direct notification is included with all services (phone, email, fax). WWT provides you the necessary tools and information to save time, money, and ensure the safety of your personnel.

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