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Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment offers fully engineered safety, environmental and insulation solutions for new-build and retrofit vessels and equipment in the maritime and offshore markets. Annually, Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment delivers over 1,500 systems from sales locations around the world. Today, our solutions and equipment are used by roughly a quarter of the world's merchant shipping fleet.
Installation, repair, upgrading and conversion of offshore structures
Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment has extensive experience in engineering, design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and service of safety solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our scope of supply includes installation, repair, upgrading and conversion of offshore structures such as floating, production, storage and off-loading units (FPSO), jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles and other platform structures.
Design centre for offshore safety systems
Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment has a group of experienced offshore sales personnel in strategic locations worldwide. Our highly trained sales personnel have strong technical competence and provide professional advice and solutions to your needs.
Our dedicated design centre for offshore safety systems is located in Singapore. Our in-house design centre's highly experienced team of design engineers have many years' experience in providing technical specifications and design compliance for all kinds of safety systems and equipment for offshore applications. All system designs comply with offshore rules and regulations. In addition, we can provide tailor-made system designs to suit your specific requirements.
Our solutions cover the following, including supply and support vessels:
Jack-up rigs
Skid-unit, containerised, cabinet and rack offshore safety systems
Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment operates with well-equipped facilities and in-house fabricators to produce high-quality skid-unit, containerised, cabinet and rack solutions. All our fitters and welders are certified to work on various materials including stainless steel and CuNi.
Our in-house QHSE system ensures that the highest standards are maintained.
Installation of offshore safety systems
Thanks to the use of standardised components, skid units and compact designs Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment's safety systems optimise installation space and costs. The systems also ensure a low total cost of operation. As a value-added service we are able to offer installation and installation supervision in various locations globally.
Commissioning and after-sales service for offshore safety systems
Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment has a group of highly trained commissioning technicians to provide necessary testing and approval certification for all of our systems. Our test procedures are type approved and fully documented.
After-sales services and spare parts are available globally through our sister company Wilhelmsen Ships Service, which has 318 offices in 72 countries and 2,200 ports around the world.
Fire-suppression systems for offshore vessels
Our complete range of fire-suppression systems for all types of offshore vessels includes:
Unitor 1230 clean agent fire-extinguishing system
Unitor water mist fire-extinguishing system
Unitor CO2 fire-extinguishing system
Unitor high-expansion foam fire-extinguishing system
Unitor low-expansion foam fire-extinguishing system
Unitor dry chemical powder fire-extinguishing system
Unitor local application fire-fighting system
Unitor fire-detection and fire-alarm system
Unitor-Generon nitrogen system
Water deluge system
Water / foam deluge system
Heli-deck foam system
Offloading foam system
Foam tank system skid
Dual agent unit for heli-deck system
Galley duct wet-chemical system
Cryogenic insulation systems for LNG/LPG vessel
Unitor oxygen/acetylene fixed system
Unitor fire and safety equipment
Environmental systems for offshore equipment
Our environmental systems for offshore equipment include the Unitor ballast water-treatment system, the NOxCare marine system, Unitor fuel homogeniser systems, and Unitor oily water pods.

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