Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering


Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering, member of the Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group, is a world leading engineering and system supplier of total Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions, specializing in oil, gas and marine applications. Throughout the course of more than 40 years' experience in providing turnkey HVAC solutions to offshore installations and vessels worldwide (under the name Norsk Viftefabrikk, ABB and AC Marine). Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering has during these years acquired a unique competence, which ensures solutions meeting the most stringent demands for comfort, safety and energy efficiency under all environmental conditions.
Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering provides proven, reliable technology from major manufacturers, like Flaktwoods, Carrier and York, combined with highly qualified services throughout the entire value chain from concept studies and engineering to equipment supply, installation and after sales service and support.
Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering is ISO 9001 - 2000 and ISO 14001 certified and emphasizes HES and quality.
New build projects – offshore HVAC systems
Large complex HVAC projects in the offshore and marine industries are fraught with numerous challenges related to health and safety, logistics, economics, quality assurance and overall performance. Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering knows how to avoid the potential pitfalls of such projects, providing total HVAC solutions with performance guarantee.
Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering has broad experience from numerous projects in Norway and abroad. Recently Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering was involved in large HVAC projects designed to accommodate the strictest requirements from the Gulf of Mexico in the west to Sakhalin in the east. Some of these are Thunder Horse and Atlantis for BP and Amoco, Sakhalin 1 and 2 for Shell and Exxon and Moho Bilondo for Total in the Congo. For all of these installations Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering delivered total solutions including engineering, equipment and local commissioning.
In the Norwegian home market Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering is heavily involved in the large Snøhvit LNG project; Troll a new living quarter, BP Skarv and Sevan FPSO contributing in design and delivery of HVAC equipment.
HVAC maintenance and modifications for offshore sites
Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering provides a broad range of specialized after-sales services for HVAC installations in the offshore and marine industries worldwide. We have long experience servicing all types of HVAC products and systems regardless of manufacturer for offshore installations.
Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering conducts comprehensive HVAC surveys for our customers. We investigate opportunities for increasing comfort, safety and energy efficiency through services such as indoor climate and environmental analysis, inspection of HVAC equipment and installation work, and review of the overall HVAC solution.
From our analysis, actions and solutions are proposed for optimizing system performance, maintenance schedules and routines and overall HVAC design. Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering has performed replacement of air handling units offshore when the platform has been in operation, thus avoiding downtime.
Highly qualified specialists and service engineers from Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering provide installation supervision services for all equipment provided by Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering, as well as almost any HVAC equipment from any major manufacturer or supplier. Installation supervision services can be provided by Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering at the yard or onboard at any vessel location.
Thorough system commissioning and testing is critical for ensuring proper equipment operation in the field. Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering’s service personnel have long experience in efficient commissioning and testing of large, complex HVAC projects. Re-balancing and survey of the HVAC system is recommended on a regular basis in order to maintain and ensure safe and correct operation of the installation, vessel or rig. The HVAC system is an essential part of the safety system on board and for ensuring safe and sound living and working conditions for the personnel.

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