WIKING Helikopter Service


WIKING is a specialist for sophisticated aeronautical and technical offshore helicopter flight operations. Operating from a main base in northern Germany, WIKING has more than 35 years' successful service experience.
Helicopter flight services for offshore installations
WIKING provides flight services to offshore installations like oil-rigs, research platforms and vessels. Our main focus is the supply of services for offshore wind farms, including helicopter hoist operations.
Helicopter transportation of personnel and material to offshore installations
WIKING's major activities include transportation of personnel and material to offshore installations such as wind parks, oil-rigs and research platforms. Further activities comprise ambulance flights (SAR and EMS) and executive/VIP flight operations, especially on mega-yachts.
Services we provide include:

Sea-pilot transfer (German Bight)
Servicing offshore wind parks
Oil-rig crew changes (Gaz de France, Conoco Phillips and BEB)
Research-platform crew changes (FINO 1, H7 and B11)
Servicing mega-yachts
Ambulance and rescue operations (e.g. 'Pallas' average)
Cooperation with the central command for maritime emergencies in Germany

Emergency forces for stand-by salvage facilities
WIKING is a member of the Küstenschutz consortium that comprises the three leading towage companies in Germany. As such we are the spearhead of allocating emergency forces for stand-by salvage facilities in the North and Baltic seas.
Offshore-helicopter service and maintenance
WIKING's maintenance organisation, also operative for more than 30 years, provides service and maintenance not only for WIKING's own helicopters, but also for national and international customers.
Helicopter fleet for offshore services
WIKING operates a fleet of Sikorsky S-76 (for 12 passengers) and AgustaWestland A109S (for seven passengers) twin-engine, performance-class-1 helicopters. All helicopters are approved and licensed for instrument flight rules (IFR) and equipped for offshore flights including emergency floatation system and life rafts.
Every helicopter is able to carry a hoist (winch) for hoist operations in order to deliver equipment and tools, together with the technician, directly on the nacelles of offshore-wind farms.
Sea-pilot helicopter-transfer service
Since WIKING's foundation, one of its main tasks has been the sea-pilot transfer service in the North Sea. More than 40,000 accident-free transfers are impressive proof of helicopters being safe and reliable vehicles for this application, especially in bad weather conditions.
To become a WIKING pilot, all candidates must have experience of at least 1,200 flight hours. Besides various German and European licenses, a pilot has to accumulate at least 2,000hr to become a captain. Currently, WIKING's pilots have an average experience of 7,500hr; some already possess more than 10,000hr.

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