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West Marine Engineering is a renowned designer and manufacturer of lifting appliances in the subsea and offshore industry. We are a Singaporean company who has built up our reputation supplying cranes for all types of offshore support vessels and drilling platforms. Today, subsea is one of the most cutting edge and technologically demanding industry segments. The constant increase in worldwide energy demands and the development of ever more demanding sea beds go hand-in-hand with the advancement of crane technology. These demands have led to considerable changes in the requirements and possibilities of our cranes. West Marine Engineering has a team of solid design engineers located in our head office in Singapore to take on every challenge we may have from our customers' requirements. Our company has been awarded ISO9001-2008 certification by ABS. Our API Q1 certificate is currently processing. Subsea and offshore lifting appliances West Marine Engineering designs and manufactures lifting appliances with capabilities up to 5,000t. The range of lifting appliances we supply includes: Subsea cranes with AHC systems ROV launch and recovery systems Rope luffing lattice boom offshore cranes Hydraulic cylinder luffing pedestal cranes (knuckle, telescopic and fixed boom cranes) Rescue boats / FRC davits Using years of experience and feedback, combined with in-house technical expertise, we have minimised the footprint of our cranes and also standardised components to ensure easy and friendly maintenance for customers. Active heave compensation systems The active heave compensation system (AHC) is a crucial system that enables cranes to work under adverse offshore conditions. It will actively compensate any roll, heave and pitch experienced by the vessel while operating under adverse sea conditions. Our AHC will compensate for up to 12m of movement. Subsea cranes with AHC systems Subsea cranes are used to handle underwater equipment and can go to a depth of 3,000m. Water currents pose challenges to the equipment-handling process and must be accounted for by the crane design. Subsea cranes are mostly knuckle boom cranes, which give flexibility in handling subsea equipment. ROV launch and recovery systems (LARS) We design and build our LARS to handle simple survey up to heavy-duty work-class ROVs. The LARS are designed to the bespoke standards of our customers and are built to the strictest rules and requirements. Mast rope luffing offshore cranes This type of crane mainly consists of the kingpost/A Frame. It can be designed to handle larger loads and is suitable for floating offshore applications. The power source for the crane can be electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic, depending on the applicable working environment. Hydraulic cylinder luffing offshore cranes The basic range of offshore cranes we offer covers various types of applications for internal lifting, lifting from vessel to vessel and subsea lifting. These cranes can be remotely operated, utilising hydraulic cylinders to actuate the boom movements. They are either hydraulic pump driven or diesel-electric driven and are most commonly used for subsea / offshore operation. Our cranes can be certified by all major classification societies and meet all relevant standards. Fast rescue boat / workboat davits Our goal is to provide customers with a compact, reliable and high-quality fast rescue boat / workboat davit system which strikes a balance between safety and economic factors. So far we have delivered over 300 davit system units to major offshore support vessel (OSV) operators. Offshore crane after-sales support Our service does not stop after the cranes leave our factory. Our representatives are strategically located around the world, certified by us to provide you with any services you need. We also have our own team of skilled technicians that service cranes and provide the best after-sales support. Some of our major clients include: Tide Water (US) Modec (Japan) Swire Pacific Offshore (UK) Smit Offshore (Netherlands) Drydock Worlds, Keppel Nantong, MPA (Singapore) Sealink Shipyard, Grade One Shipbuilding, Berjaya Dockyard, UMW, M3nergy Offshore, Nam Cheong, AME Marine (Malaysia) Bakri Navigation (Saudi Arabia) Fujian Mawei Shipyard, CNOONC, Sinopec (China) ABG Shipyard (India) PTSC Asia (Vietnam)

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