Welltrain specialises in the design and delivery of operationally relevant courses to the oil and gas industry to enable the development of genuine competency skills for drilling professionals. Welltrain courses provide a thorough grounding in both the theoretical and practical aspects of well control for drilling and well servicing operations. To ensure all attendees get appropriate access to experienced trainers who can provide practical, in-depth coaching. We utilise two instructors to teach each course, and all of our instructors have a balance of training and industrial experience. Training in drilling, completion, workover and well services Welltrain provides a broad range of skill-based training in drilling, completion, workover and well services. Delivered by experienced industry trainers, Welltrain's focus is to enhance job skills and performance. Welltrain offers scheduled drilling well control courses, and can also provide unscheduled specialised courses from stuck pipe prevention to basic drilling technology and equipment. All of our courses can be tailored for delivery in-house at a location and time that suits the client. This unscheduled training can be tailored for delivery at our facility in Osborne Park, or brought to your boardroom or training room. We can even bring the training to the rig-site, where we have access to portable simulators to enable practical coaching in a safe environment. IWCF and IADC drilling well control and well intervention courses Welltrain specialises in the delivery and training of IWCF and IADC-accredited drilling well control and WellCAP; and IWCF-accredited well intervention pressure control training for skilled drillers and experienced supervisors. With the new IWCF regulation standards post OGP Report (No. 476, October 2012), Welltrain will offer Levels 2 - 5 IWCF accredited well control courses. Level 2 - IWCF introduction to well control Level 3 - IWCF drilling well control - driller Level 4 - IWCF drilling well control - supervisor Level 5 - IWCF well control - engineer From July, all potential customers wanting to attend a well control school must show evidence of introduction to well control before progressing to drilling well control and well intervention courses. IWCF Level 3 and 4 surface and subsea - drilling well control Our five-day training course in surface and subsea drilling well control is designed for personnel involved in drilling / workover operations, including drilling superintendents, drilling engineers, drilling supervisors, tool-pushers and offshore installation managers (OIMs). It will provide the knowledge, understanding and practical skills necessary to apply safe well control practices in surface and subsea BOP installations. IWCF Level 3 and 4 well-intervention pressure control The five-day well-intervention pressure control course is designed for personnel who have a role in the operation, supervision or planning of well intervention (well servicing) activities including completions, coiled tubing, wireline or snubbing (hydraulic work over). The theoretical and practical course provides candidates with an understanding of pressure control methods related to well servicing methods. IWCF introduction to well control - level 2 This course is for personnel involved in drilling / workover operations that plan to do a drilling well control course but have never attended a well control school before. The introduction to well control course is a five-day intensive course that provides potential well control certificate candidates with an awareness of well control theory, practices and equipment using a combination of a drilling simulator and classroom theory / exercises. Post completion of this course, candidates will be eligible to attend Level 3 drilling well control. Welltrain basic drilling technology and equipment Welltrain also caters courses to introductory personnel. The basic drilling technology and equipment course provides an introduction to drilling technology (equipment, terminology and operations), providing participants with the knowledge required for effective communication and teamwork with their drilling colleagues It is delivered as a combination of classroom theory / exercises complemented by realistic practical hands-on experience using a full-sized DS5000 rig floor simulator.

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