Wellhead Control Products


We specialize in typical hangers for coil tubing and special "B" section hangers modified to suspend all sizes of tubing ran in 4 1/2" or 5 1/2" casing. Some of the many benefits of our hangers versus the other guys. Is our hanger can accommodate both jointed or coiled tubing, flange sizes are utilized so that standard equipment on coil tubing service trucks ( i.e. 3 1/8" 5M or 4 1/16" 5M ) does not need any type of strange adapters to rig up thus saving time. Our hangers have an interchangeable packing system to allow future tubing size changes without the need to purchase additional hangers. Many times these features eliminates the need for expensive rental equipment should future service to the well be required.

We always build our hangers to suit your needs!

Example: Tubing head, WCP, "RH-3 Combo" 11"-5M R-53 w/ 4 1/2" secondary casing seal X 4 1/16"-5M Top Flange w/ (2) 2 1/16"-5M Flange Pad Outlets

We also manufacture and repair various coil tubing and wellhead products. ( Down Hole Tools, Coil Tubing Rigs, Nitrogen Rigs, Adapter Flanges, Reels, Injector heads, Power Packs, Skids, Control Cabins, Tubing Hangers, Hydro Testing Stands, Etc... )

Our full machine / fabrication shop at our facility can repair or replace worn API / ANSI flanges, resurface ring grooves, rebuild hydraulic cylinders, repair gate valve seats and also recondition older equipment.

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