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VTT Maritime, founded in 1988, is an independent, highly competent engineering and consultancy company, operating in the fields of marine engineering, planning, supervision and the follow-up of marine operations. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 guidelines, and plan, implement and finalise job tasks to this standard of quality.
Rig relocation planning, execution and documenting
With over 200 successful rig relocations behind us, we at VTT feel that our methods in planning, executing and documenting rig moves to be well established. From simple, open-water moves to complex anchor patterns crossing subsea and seabed assets, we have encountered and completed all aspects of the most complicated situations.
We undertake the full planning for a rig relocation, including the sourcing of vessels, catenary calculations, subsea buoys, surface buoys and all mooring equipment, to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Vessel mobilisations, pre-move meetings, manifests, step drawings and final as-built drawings are provided as standard.
Marine operations planning, engineering, supervision and support
VTT offers a wide range of services in the field of marine operations, including the following:

Planning, engineering and logistic support, execution and documentation of rig moves and anchoring operations, on the basis of plans and procedures by VTT Maritime
Tow-out planning, engineering and logistic support, including the manning of tow master and crewing positions, documentation and completion of operation to class and owners requirements
Planning and supervision of offshore marine operations, including lifting operations, mooring operations and seabed mapping operations
Planning and supervision of marine transport operations, warranty surveys, sea fastening planning and surveying
Pre-installation of anchoring systems and offshore unit hook-ups

Ship and rig-owner support
VTT has professional and experienced surveyors, in touch with the industry and latest information, with full access to IMCA database, safety flashes and guidelines, who provide ship and rig-owner support. The offshore shipping industry is a 24hr-a-day, 365-days-a-year business. We recognise this and promise to deliver on time, every time, with no exceptions or excuses.
Common marine inspections
Common marine inspection (CMI) audits are industry-standard safety and suitability surveys designed to reduce disruption to vessel operation, whilst at the same time ensuring that standards are maintained.
The CMI is undertaken annually to a standard format, which is accepted by all clients. Should clients require additional areas of inspection, this can be incorporated into the standard CMI, or alternatively be subject to a brief survey, covering only the areas not reported under the standard CMI.
Ship surveys and audits
VTT offers suitability surveys (vettings) to meet clients’ specific requirements. Prior to being taken on charter, many oil companies wish to ensure that the vessel, her equipment, crew and shore-based facilities (ISM) are up to the required standard. VTT undertakes all aspects of this type of vessel survey, either using their own survey check-list, or more commonly utilising the client’s specific check-lists and questionnaires.
DP and FMEA audits
VTT is a contractor member of IMCA and as such is constantly in touch with the latest developments and changes in the offshore world. We undertake annual DP trials using standard IMCA guidelines, utilising original FMEA and past DP trial data.
Reports are generated within five working days and our surveyor will discuss any findings with ships' staff and management prior to final documentation being issued. We do not believe in merely finding faults and writing reports - we work with you to identify any areas of concern and assist you in correcting them to ensure safer, more efficient vessels, crew and equipment.
Rig chain inspection
VTT works with you to identify any areas of concern and assist you in correcting them to ensure safer, more efficient equipment. Recent failures in the chains and other moorings of floating offshore units have revealed serious non-conformances in the documentation, procedures and general maintenance of these vital items of equipment. This is naturally a major concern to rig owners and oil majors alike and VTT are proud to announce a ‘total package’ solution to the problem.
Few, if any, other companies offer this service and our unique package means that no rig downtime or loss of production is incurred during the chain inspection process. It is a tried-and-tested solution developed solely by VTT. We undertake the full planning and preparation package from the disconnection and establishment of temporary chain in the field; to transportation, inspection, recertification and reinstallation.
A full documentation package is also provided, which includes detailed drawings, certificates, arrangement drawings for anchor lines and special arrangement drawings for the mooring system involved.

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