United Filtration Systems


United Filtration Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of custom products for industrial filtration applications. Our comprehensive product range provides a greater flexibility for customers because of greater choice. Products include Instrument air, Coalescing, Particulate, Natural gas, High Pressure, ASME, Gas Analysis, Liquid Sample Filters, Gaseous Sample Filters, Analyzer Filters, OEM Filters, Fast Loop Filters, Heated Filters, High Pressure filters, PTFE/Exotic Filters, Membrane Filters, Disposable Filters, Vacuum Filters, Exhaust Filters, Vent Filters, Inlet Filters, Water Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, High Pressure Filters, Plastic Housings, Recleanable Filters, Desiccant Filters, Membrane Filters, Disposable Filters, Recleanable Filters, Stainless Steel Filters, Stainless Steel Microfiber Filters, Carbon Filters, Aftermarket Filters, Replacement Filters, Silica Filters, and Vacuum Pump Filters. We offer unique, but classic filter designs. Our Guardian Membrane sample filters are ideal for final/absolute protection. We take pride in offering high quality, cost effective filters in which the vast majority can be shipped immediately from stock.

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