THE SUVIRA GROUP IS a Project Management & Finance; Marketing, Logistics & Sales organization based out of Houston Texas, having offices all over India that are actively involved in bringing technologies in India and helping them grow within Indian Oil and Gas Market.

As an example; we had introduced the Sea Bed Logging Company called as EMGS from Norway in India. Since then it has already completed three very large projects for ONGC and is in the process of implementing a project with Reliance Industries in India.

Current Partners: Rig-Net(On Rig Telephony and Global Commn System), TORP Tech (Norwegian Tech for LNG Regasification), RemoraTech (Oil Mooring/SBM), WL GORE and Assoc for Surface Geochemical Surveys, Geo-Texture (USA-Shale Gas), Prosafe Group, Engenius S/w (Aus) to name a few.

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