Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc


Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (Terra) is a unique space age technology service company operating in the field of natural resources detection, exploration, and development. The Company provides exploration services utilizing a suite of proprietary innovative technologies (Terra Technology Suite) for exploration of a wide range of mineral resources: oil & gas, metals, kimberlites, and uranium. The Terra Technology Suite is designed to significantly improve the exploration success rate as well as increase efficiency of the exploration process as a whole. In the world of depletion, rising costs of exploration and market instability, Terra's technologies address some of the most difficult challenges of modern exploration, enabling the Company, its clients, and partners to identify and explore natural resource deposits accurately, cost effectively, and quickly. Terra is confident it can bring unparalleled value through its services and partnerships.
The Terra Services are designed to fill in the gaps in the modern exploration process to ultimately make it more accurate, less expensive, and less time consuming compared with traditional geological and geophysical approaches. The Terra Services Suite offers a range of solutions in the disciplines of remote sensing, geochemical, micro-seismic, and passive seismic studies. It is based on the Company?s unique and innovative 3S (Space-Surface-Subsurface) technology suite

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