Team Industrial Services


Team provides specialized industrial services and products for the world’s industries. Founded in 1973, Team is the largest specialized industrial service company in North America. Its products and services include:

Hot tapping in excess of 1,400°F and 4,300psig
Line stops through 48in diameter
Field machining
Mobile field machining shops, trailers for onsite utilization
Bolt tensioning and torquing
Onsite / inline valve repairs, plus state-of-the-art valve testing services
Pipe isolation and weld testing
Fugitive emissions monitoring (LDAR)
Field heat treating services from 50º to 2,500ºF, including turbine warming
Largest mobile fleet of heat treating trucks in North America
Heat treating equipment sales, rental and parts
Turnaround, shutdown and outage services

Onsite and on-stream leak repairs
The company's onsite and on-stream leak repairs services include:

Onsite and on-stream leak repairs for any known air, steam, water, or process leak 
On-stream leak repair capabilities from vacuum to 6,000psig, from cryogenic to 1,700°F, and for lines flowing 1,200gpm-1,600gpm

Non-destructive testing and inspection
Team's non-destructive testing and inspection services include:

Non-destructive line stops utilizing cryogenic line freezing up to 30in (does not affect the metallurgy of your pipe)
Non-destructive examination (NDE) / non-destructive testing (NDT) services
Non-destructive mechanical integrity and QA/QC inspection programs
Non-destructive bolt-on leak sealing clamps and enclosures

Offshore component testing services
Team operates world-class testing labs for customers. Using metallurgical, chemical and metrological evaluations, Team can test customer components in accordance with the most stringent industry and corporate quality control specifications; from sample or full-run testing of components – simple to complex – including composites and alloys.
Additionally, Team provides customers with the largest and safest fleet of mobile darkrooms with radiographic sources in North America.
Leak sealing and hot tapping hardware
Team engineers and manufactures customized (original) leak sealing and hot tapping hardware for customers anywhere in the world on a routine or emergency basis. Special alloys, 100% material traceability, and high-pressure testing are available for these manufactured products.
Nuclear-approved sealants
An ISO-9001 certified company, Team manufactures more than 100 proprietary (asbestos-free) sealants, including nuclear-approved sealants for high-temperature-high-pressure applications.
These products are used by the industry to prevent expensive plant shutdowns when leaks occur, and are designed to stop any air, steam, water or process leak regardless of temperature, pressure or process.
Global provider of industrial services and products
Global in scope, Team operates through a network of more than 100 permanent locations near the major industrial centers throughout the US, Canada, Europe Trinidad, Venezuela and Singapore. Team also licenses its proprietary techniques and products to select companies in other parts of the world.
Operating around the clock, the company works directly for utilities, manufacturing facilities, and the world’s largest contractors, and utilizes more than 3,000 safety-trained and technically certified technicians to respond quickly to industry needs. Team is known throughout industry for its exemplary safety record.
Fortune Magazine placed Team Industrial Services on its Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses List in 2007 – the fifth time in six years that the company had been named on one of the magazine’s top business lists.
Team is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange (Symbol: TISI).

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