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Tata Steel can meet even the most demanding requirements, from supplying offshore line pipes for the oil and gas industry, to plates and sections for offshore structures. Tata Steel is one of the world's leading steel producers, with an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 28mt. The operations of Tata Steel in Europe make it the second largest steel producer across the region, with its main steelmaking operations based in the UK and the Netherlands. We supply steel and related services to energy and power, construction, automotive, packaging, lifting and excavating and aerospace markets worldwide. We understand that customers' needs are different in each market. What makes us different is our approach to business. We believe our strength is how we work together to help our customers succeed in their markets. Experts in offshore pipeline technology As global demand for key energy sources increases, Tata Steel products play a vital part in their extraction and distribution offshore. An extensive track record in every stage of hydrocarbon recovery, from exploration and drilling, oil and gas production and transportation through to refining, processing and developing renewable technologies, makes Tata Steel a worldwide supplier in this market. By providing high-performance steels for offshore applications, the company delivers and meets the demands of an industry operating in one of the world's most hostile and challenging environments. Leading line pipe supplier As a leading pipeline supplier, Tata Steel delivers products and services that enable resources to be extracted, transported, processed and distributed all the way through to the final delivery to the consumer. Our products and services are tailored to meet your specific project needs and include: DSAW (double submerged arc welded) line pipe - our 42in mill in Hartlepool, UK, is equipped with the strongest edge crimping and 'O' press combination in the world, enabling thicker wall pipes even in smaller diameters, ideal for withstanding the extreme collapse pressures in the deepest waters. Strength grades up to API 5L X80 Diameters from 16in-42in (406.4mm-1,067mm OD) Thicknesses up to 50mm Annual production capacity circa 300,000t SAW (submerged arc welded) line pipe - manufactured at our 84in mill in Hartlepool, UK, for use in a wide range of applications, including oil and gas and petrochemical processing. This manufacturing process is very flexible, with the ability to produce single item quantities to fulfil the most complex project material listings, reducing contract complexity and risk for our customers. Strength grades up to API 5L X60 Diameters from 18in-84in (457mm-2,134mm OD) Thicknesses up to 30mm Annual production capacity circa 30,000t HFI (high frequency induction) welded pipe - produced at our 20in mill in Hartlepool, UK, which has the world's most powerful HFI welding equipment. HFI welded line pipes are well established for high integrity onshore and offshore projects. This offers superior shape and 'weldability' for faster offshore welding. It is fully compatible with the requirements for reel lay. Strength grades up to API 5L X70 Sour service to NACE pH3 Toughness to 40 Joules minimum at -20°C Diameters from 8in - 20in (219.1mm - 508mm O.D.) Thicknesses 4mm - 16mm Overall annual production capacity circa 250,000t Pipe coating services Tata Steel provides line pipe coating services through our joint venture, Hartlepool-based company, BSR Pipeline Services. The range of coatings includes internal liquid epoxy and external fusion bonded epoxy coatings and three-layer polyethylene and polypropylene, up to 48in diameter. We are also able to offer four-layer polypropylene insulation coatings to complement the anti-corrosion coatings on offer from BSR. Subcontracted concrete coating can also be arranged, along with field joint coating if required. Pipe-in-pipe insulation We offer a comprehensive project managed portfolio of pipe-in-pipe solutions including engineering, manufacturing, field jointing and supply services, for deep water, high temperature, high-pressure pipelines and risers, spools and bends. This comprehensive range of insulation options enables us to supply the optimum thermal efficiency to meet the unique challenges of your project. Cutting, bevelling, welding and profiling machinery Also based alongside our pipe mills in Hartlepool is our offshore processing centre (OPC), which can process pipes for oil and gas applications, including standard pipeline and pipe-in-pipe assemblies. Processes include shot blasting, coating, internal and external circumferential welding, bevelling, saddle and mitre cutting and profiling. We can also fabricate complex components including buckle arrestors, risers and spool pieces. Offshore plates and sections As a leading supplier of offshore plate and structural sections, Tata Steel regularly supplies projects all over the world. Our products have all the necessary characteristics to enable ease of fabrication and use, while exceeding national and international specifications. Tata Steel has multiple plate and section mills producing a range of offshore plate and sections for use in the fabrication of jack up rigs, drilling platforms and offshore rigs. Depending on the specification requirements, thermo mechanically controlled rolling is performed, followed by controlled heat treatments including normalising or quenching and tempering. To find out more about how we can work together, visit our website, or call or email us now. Together we make the difference.

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