Synergi® from Synergi Solutions is an all-in-one solution for risk and QHSSE management. Synergi manages all non-conformances, incidents, risk, risk analyses, audits, assessments and improvement suggestions. It covers all workflow processes: reporting, processing, analysing, corrective actions, communication, experience transfer, trending and KPI monitoring.
Energy, oil and gas industry risk-management system
In a high-risk environment like the energy, oil and gas industry, it is essential to work towards reducing all forms of risk (e.g. operational, accidents, injuries, losses of lives and material, spillage etc.) and comply with regulatory standards.
Companies that can achieve full compliance in a cost-effective manner are able to focus better on core competencies and improve their competitive advantages. Synergi Solutions is proud to be the chosen HSEQ solution for many of the largest companies within the oil and gas industry. Many of these consider Synergi the leading enterprise risk-management system, meeting all standards at all times.
Upstream, downstream, drilling, onshore and offshore risk-management system
Whether for upstream, downstream, drilling, onshore or offshore activities, Synergi Solutions has the knowledge to be your HSEQ system partner in achieving what you want for your business.
Modular offshore HSE and risk-management system
Synergi is a module-based HSE and risk-management solution developed with a full set of optional modules to meet our clients' business needs.
These modules can be used as stand-alone solutions, or in combination to fit the exact needs and focus of each individual client and user. It is the combinations of several modules that provide a total risk and HSEQ management solution.
Offshore incident-management system
The Synergi Incident Management™ module tracks accidents, near misses and deviations; analyses causes, loss potential and trends; and measures performance and frequencies against quantitative targets.
Offshore quality-management system
The Synergi Quality Management™ module follows up nonconformities, dispensations, customer claims and proposed improvements; improves internal procedures; and captures, documents and tracks loss and trends related to lack of quality.
Offshore audit-management system
With the Synergi Audit Management™ module you can:

Plan and handle audits, inspections and assessments
Register, analysis and follow up the findings
Get a better overview and control of internal performance

Offshore activity-management system
The Synergi Activity management™ module can plan, register and follow up meetings, trainings and corporate social responsibility; provide efficient and transparent task and action management; and plan, analyse and co-ordinate changes and modifications.
Offshore risk-management system
Synergi Risk Management™ can:

Plan and handle risk assessments
Reduce the risk level by preventive action management
Analyse trends from the risk register and calculate the overall risk factor
Analyse and understand effect of the risk-management process in the visualisation of initial and residual risk

Offshore environmental-management system
Synergi Environmental Management™ can register, track and monitor continuous energy use and spill to the external environment, and register, analyse and handle direct spill to external environment. It can also plan, conduct and monitor progress for environmental and sustainability activities, environmental audits (ISO 14000 reflection), incidents, indicators and targets.
Offshore improvement-management system
The Synergi Improvement Management™ module collects, analyses and tracks any kind of improvement proposals. It can handle proposals, good ideas and general ideas in a consistent and transparent information loop, and also secure feedback and communication with involved parties.
Offshore behaviour-based safety management system
The Synergi Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)™ module allows you to:

Identify at-risk behaviour through the standardised checklist
Measure site, process and activity performance through the extensive search and analysis tool
Follow-up corrections, actions and improvements through the action-management workflow

Offshore audit-management system
With the Synergi Anonymous Incident Management™ module, the user can allow all employees, clients or other stakeholders to report of critical conditions, complaints, illegal issues, etc. through an anonymous reporting channel.
Secure follow-up, investigations and collection of additional information; secure anonymous witness communication and information verification; and communication through a secure and unique user ID and password is also provided by this system.
Offshore inspection-management system
With the Synergi Inspection Management™ module, you can:

Plan and coordinate any kind of inspections and visits
Identify and maintain checklists
Track and follow-up observations and at-risk findings through the integrated action loop
Dedicate responsibility and due dates for involved parties

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