Synectic Systems


Synectics Industrial Systems has more than 20 years' experience designing, manufacturing and installing complex, highly versatile, value added CCTV systems solutions to the oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors. Synectics Industrial Systems is a member of the UK based Synectic Systems Group ensuring a strong worldwide market position utilising international agents, distributors and global support offices. Synectics Industrial Systems' technology is installed and supported around the world where extreme, hazardous or marine environments dictate the need for exceptionally robust solutions.
Synectics pre-build and test all equipment in the factory, meaning that the final complete system is packed and delivered in a 'ready-to-go' state and once received onsite can be installed by Synectics commissioning engineers or trained local electrical engineers with no need for specific commissioning tools and equipment, thanks to the extensive documentation supplied as standard with every system that is purchased.
Synectics Industrial Systems manufactures the COEX range of camera stations and was the first EExd manufacturer to use thermal imaging technology in their highly successful user-friendly camera stations.
COEX thermal imaging camera stations produce images industry standard CCTV cameras cannot, and will reveal details that cannot be detected by conventional camera stations under any conditions. Thermal imaging can be used for a variety of applications including intruder detection, oil spill detection, fault monitoring etc.
Synectics Industrial Systems has proactively developed high quality CCTV products and solutions for this specific market and established a reputation of providing clients with the solution to meet their exact requirements.
We have installed CCTV and communications products in some of the largest installations and most hostile environments in the world, and consistently provide CCTV solutions for the industry's leading players.
Situated within 10 miles of the major petrochemical plants located in the North East and on the Humber Bank, Synectics has years of practical experience in this demanding field, and has demonstrated the reliability of its CCTV equipment not just in this country, but around the world.
Synectics simplify the process by removing all the inconvenience for the client with our ability to provide a complete 'turnkey' CCTV solution.
The onshore sector encompasses a wide range of varied and different activity which requires definite and precise products to meet the needs of the client including safe area, hazardous, and thermal camera stations.
A wide variety of Synectics marine products are installed on all types of marine applications worldwide.
Please see below some of the many areas in which Synectics has excelled:

LNG carriers
Oil tankers
Chemical tankers
Container carriers
Semi submersibles
Drilling rigs
Oil rigs
Wellhead platforms


Developing new products to meet new demands and situations
Adapting existing products to meet specific requirements
Utilising new and emerging technology allowing clients to be at the forefront of technological advances, for example advanced video motion detection, Internet Protocol (IP) based system negating the need for specific control-room operations
Award winning SynergyProTM
Integrating the Synectics CCTV system into an existing non-related system, assimilating these into one flawless complete CCTV system

Synectics additional capabilities that assist your business:

Assist in the production of technical specifications to ensure that the CCTV system design and requirements are precisely matched to the client's / project's needs
Allocate a project engineer to each project to ensure that system is constructed, documented and installed to the highest standard and to liaise with the client to guarantee that the client is kept fully informed of progress
Commissioning, servicing, maintenance and training available on all projects

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements. Synectics Industrial Systems' extensive project reference list is available on request.
If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of our varied range of equipment, or wish to arrange a customised seminar we would be pleased to organise this.