Syarikat Setia Tanjong Sdn. Bhd.


Syarikat Setia Tanjong Sdn Bhd (herein after referred to as SST) is licensed & experience for procurement outsourcing and management services that cover the entire spectrum of Oilfield & Industrial materials and equipment. We provide procurement outsourcing and forwarding services for the entire petroleum industry. From the supply of valves fittings and instrumentation to the provision of procurement specialists and material management consulting, SST is your "one stop shop" procurement headquarters.

SST is in the business of managing all levels of procurement services as well as providing oilfield supplies to support petroleum drilling, construction, refining, and production operations. As an oilfield supplier, SST is your competitive alternative to the major supply houses.

SST enjoys an overall advantage due to our lower overhead, operating efficiencies and our supplier/manufacturer relationships. Lower overhead allows us to quote our client a lower net cost.

Today we offer not only the best catalogue for your consumable supplies, SST product lines including all kind of Valves, Safety Equipment, Tools, Bolts & Nuts, Electrical Components, Instrumentation, Chemicals, Office Equipment, Fittings, custom made as per your request and many more. You just name it; we?ll source it for you. All using the latest state of the art equipment and all quality checked to meet the most demanding of recognized quality standards.

A Complete Service For
Oil & Gas Industry
Electrical / Mechanical Industry
Transportation & Forwarding Industry
General Manpower & Material Handling
Power Generation
Transmission and Distribution

Other Industries Served
Hospital, Mining, Cement / Petrochemical / Chemical / Steel Plants, Aftermarket Exporters, Environment

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