STATS Group is a specialist engineering company that operates predominantly in the arena of piping and pipeline integrity and maintenance. We supply a comprehensive range of products and services, which enable piping and pipeline isolation, intervention, inspection, repair, connection, and testing work scopes.
The majority of our works are undertaken on mature assets, typically process piping onboard offshore facilities (fixed and floating). We also supply products and services for infield and trunk pipelines both onshore and sub-sea, as well as onshore processing and distribution terminal facilities.
Ambient to high pressure pipeline isolation
With access to a wide range of isolation techniques, STATS offers a consultation service to assist operators in assessing the optimum solution for their pipeline isolation challenges. STATS supplies mechanical and chemical pipeline isolation devices from ¾in to 48in, compliant with 1D to 5D bends. Our extensive product range allows for isolations to be undertaken safely and efficiently from ambient through to high pressure pipeline applications.
STATS Tecno Plug™ range provides double block and bleed isolation tools for high-pressure pipeline operations. These dual seal isolation plugs are available for remote, tethered, piggable or manual deployment and operation. Pipeline intervention can be achieved using STATS' patent-pending BISEP™. The BISEP range provides a dual seal line stop and is deployed through a single full bore branch or hot tap penetration. The seal annulus port proves and monitors the seal integrity before and during intervention work.
Ambient isolation can be achieved using single / dual gas bags or STATS’ range of dual seal isolation tools all offering downstream or annulus monitoring. Piggable gel plugs provide ambient isolation, which can be dissolved on completion of isolation. DynaCeal™ gel provides a pumpable gel isolation typically used for valve isolation, deployed through a small bore access or tapping.
Hydrostatic testing - weld test tools
In-line and flanged weld test tools are commonly used during the maintenance and modification of piping or process equipment, enabling localised pressure testing. Inserted into the piping or equipment component to be tested, weld test tools provide a fast and efficient method of verifying the integrity of butt welds, joints or other welded pipe components.
Significant time savings are made when using weld test tools due to the reduction in the amount of pipework being tested. In-line weld test tools feature double block and bleed isolation. Once set in position, these tools provide a guaranteed vapour barrier allowing hot work activities to take place safely onsite.
Hydrostatic testing - pipe end plugs
Pipe end plugs are used primarily in construction and fabrication for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to cap open-ended pipe, pipe spools or piping systems to facilitate hydrostatic leak and strength tests.
Pipe end plugs provide many benefits by reducing time and costs compared to traditional methods of welding on end caps to the pipe spool. STATS pipe end plugs cover two separate products; the I-PEP™, which fits internally to the pipe, and the E-PEP™, which grips the pipe externally. These tools cover pipe sizes from ¾in to 36in and a pressure rating up to 350bar.
Connectors, couplings and tie-in clamps
Mechanical connectors and couplings are designed for the maintenance and modification of process and piping facilities where welded pipe joining options may be undesirable. They are available from 2in to 24in in pressure rating up to ASME 300# as standard, fire-tested and third-party approved in a wide range of pipe materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex. Sizes and pressures available with this range up to 1500# are available on request.
Couplings and connectors can be easily fitted and tested, thereby minimising system downtime and enabling rapid re-commissioning of modified pipelines. Tie-in clamps can provide structural / pressure containment, fitted with single or dual seals and off-takes to suit system requirements.
Pipeline repair clamps
Pipeline repair clamps are available for permanent or temporary installation. All clamps provide structural / pressure containment with single or dual seals. Our repair clamps are designed to suit piping systems and operating parameters from ¾in upwards, including high pressure or sour systems.
We undertake caisson repair work, including clamps and liners to seal around the defect area and restore integrity. Caisson hanger / retrieval tools are used to safely secure damaged caissons until a planned retrieval can be performed using the same tool.
Composite repair for pipelines
STATS’ composite repair solutions provide permanent pipeline repair for metal loss defects and are used to restore defective pipelines to full capacity. These E-glass polyester composite sleeve products include clock spring, snap wrap, pipe support and contour, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for pipe repair.
Piping products for subsea applications
STATS has developed a diverse range of piping related products and services for subsea and marine applications. Subsea products and services include repair clamps with dual seals and structural locks for diver or ROV installation. Pipeline retrieval tools (PRT) enable the recovery of damaged or dropped pipelines to pipelay vessels, with de-watering capability.
Onsite machining services
STATS provides personnel for worldwide field support on all product lines. We also offer onsite machining services, including hot tapping, cold cutting and beveling, flange facing, bolting and ‘internal’ camera inspection services.
Project management - project and design engineering
Project management and engineering services are provided to support client needs including turnaround scopes, feasibility studies and contingency planning. Our in-house expertise covers the plant’s lifecycle from pre-commissioning through to decommissioning and abandonment.

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