SPX Flow Technology


Processing equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry must meet exacting health, safety and environmental standards, plus deliver the highest performance at all times. Therefore, reliability and engineering support throughout the life of the equipment is critically important.
SPX Flow Technology manufactures fluid and gas handling products, including pumps, valves, mixers, heat exchangers, pipe closures and filtration equipment. It is also a major international manufacturer of integrated processing systems and packages. Key SPX brands serving the oil and gas industry include Bran + Luebbe, Plenty, Johnson Pump, Lightnin, M&J Valve, GD Engineering, Copes-Vulcan, Airpel Filtration, APV and OFM.
ATEX-certified high-pressure offshore pumps
The hydrocarbon environment demands pumps for the high-flow, high-differential and high-suction pressure presented by cryogenic duties. Bran + Luebbe supplies the world’s leading producers with its ATEX-certified Novaplex pump for hydrocarbon condensate pumping duties. End users like its compact design, ease of maintenance and improved lifecycle costs.
Positive displacement pump for oil transferring
Transferring heavy-duty viscous fuel oil is where Plenty Mirrlees pumps excel. The Plenty Mirrlees twin-screw rotary positive displacement pump, which exhibits very high efficiency characteristics and low power consumption when operating at very high capacity / flow demands, was designed for this application.
Offshore centrifugal pumps
Many liquids encountered in an offshore environment require pumps that can handle thin, clean and even slightly contaminated media. Johnson Pump’s centrifugal pumps satisfy these requirements, and where aggressive liquids are encountered, its CombiPro is the preferred choice. Johnson Pumps also handle fuel oils, bitumen and asphalt, where positive displacement pumps are commonly provided.
Heat exchangers, filters, mixers, valves and closures
Keeping fluids and gases in prime condition requires you to bring together the technologies of heat exchangers, filters, mixers, valves and closures. Optimising fluid temperature is vital to many processing operations and SPX APV’s heat exchanger solutions have been developed for segments such as natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil refineries.
Control and choke valves for offshore applications
Severe service operations, including high-pressure drops, high temperatures and high velocities along with critical service applications such as minimum flow recirculation, overboard dump, anti-surge and start-up, require control valves for handling high noise levels, vibration, flashing and cavitation.
The Copes-Vulcan SD 1000 control and choke valves feature high-integrity globe and angle designs, and by utilising the RAVEN® multi-stage disk stack design Trim, it offers the perfect solution for such arduous applications.
Quick-opening closures for pressure vessels
Accessing horizontal or vertical pipeline pig traps, filters, coalescers, strainers, separators, meter skid systems, hydrocyclones, or any pressure vessel in seconds, is a basic necessity.
The GD Bandlock™ 2 is the benchmark design for global high-pressure applications and can be operated safely and speedily. Standard quick-opening closure units meet ASME VIII Division 1, and other pressure-vessel codes, including ASME VIII Division 2 and PD5500, can also be accommodated.
High-efficiency filters for downstream equipment
Downstream equipment needs constant protection and Plenty Process Filtration's (PPF) high-efficiency filters provide the cost-effective solutions that companies demand. PPF has a complete range of liquid and gas filters, which for over 20 years have been specified by offshore operators worldwide, providing an extensive reference list and enormous experience.
High-performance mixers for drilling fluids
High-performance mixing is essential in the preparation of drilling fluids. Lightnin’s series 10 and series 70 mixers are used for the make-down and suspension of drilling mud. Lightnin brand mixers carry the high-shaft and gearbox loadings imposed by high-specific gravity drilling muds and varying liquid levels. They provide very high flows with minimum installed power and weight, two factors essential in the design of rig topsides.
Oil and gas safe handling and containment equipment
The safe handling and containment of potential hazardous media in oil and gas production demands technologies that make recovery and processing efficient and environmentally acceptable. Providing engineered process solutions for these needs is SPX’s business.

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