Greetings from Speed !

We are glad to inform you that we have been come with latest technology of GRP (SMC) Modular Prefab System.

We are introducing GRP-Glass Reinforced polyester hot pressed molded panel?s PORTABLE FOLDING CABINS for Various uses. Arabic cabanas using for site offices, officers camp, warehouses, electronic rooms etc?, and Executive cabanas are used for hotels, resorts, executive cabin etc.,

These products are having wide users in Infrastructure, Industries, Defense, Constructions, Large Projects for Shipping, Mining & Offshore activities. Comparing with wooden, M.S., FRP & PVC Our GRP is very low maintenance, Heavy strengthen, very easy to install-dismantle & Long life (about 50 years).

Some of our product features are :-
1) Fire Resistant
2) Water proof
3) Sound Resistant
4) Free from corrosion
5) Free from seepages
6) Free from algae
7) Anti-Termite
Approved By : Hydrostatic Test Center UK.

We can supply you the GRP Panels & you can install the complete project size of min. 10,000 sq.ft. within 30 days on your own.

It is of multiple usage & very easy to install & dismantle without any equipment.

Thank you & regards,

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