The Spectrum group provides an integrated service to the international seismic industry through its strategically placed regional centres.
Significant investment in services and development has seen rapid expansion in Spectrum?s technology and workforce to accommodate demand generated by a growing seismic industry. Exciting technological innovations and increased capacity has enabled enhancement in both the quality and volume of Spectrum?s products.
The group offers Onboard and Onshore Data Processing on data collected from all over the world and in a wide variety of geological conditions. Our conscientious and highly experienced Geophysicists are based in processing centres worldwide. Each has access to the latest technologies and high-speed interactive links to their colleagues and additional hardware resources in other centres.
Spectrum also offers an extensive Multi-Client library of strategic projects offering global opportunities to acquire data from all corners of the world. Our pro-active team work continually to create new opportunities and add data to the multi-client library.

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