SoilVision Systems Ltd. - Soil database systems


SoilVision is a knowledge-based database software system for the estimation and management of soil properties. Our popular solutions range from a single-user soil database system to a multi-user corporate database solution capable of managing borehole, and geoenvironmental information. The database is designed to provide a central data warehouse for soils data and allow data to be presented in multiple formats including borehole logs, GIS, finite element models, and (ASTM) laboratory test reports. SoilVision automates the entire process from the laboratory to the final reports. The knowledge-based component can provide input for analysis of unsaturated soils. SoilVision provides over 20 journal published algorithms for the estimation of soil properties required for unsaturated seepage modeling. A soils database including laboratory data on over 6000 soils is also included.

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