SEACOR Environmental Services


SEACOR Environmental Services (SES), a subsidiary of Seacor Holdings (NYSE: CKH), is a global provider of risk management and environmental, industrial and emergency preparedness and response services, primarily to the oil and gas, power, chemical and marine and port industries.
As an ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001-certified organisation, SES works in partnership with clients to support their business activities worldwide, delivering comprehensive, cost-effective and safety-driven solutions even under the most challenging conditions.
Risk management and environmental, industrial and emergency services for the offshore sector
SES provides a range of risk management and environmental, industrial and emergency preparedness and response to the offshore industry, including the following:

Oil spill response management and clean-up
Hazardous material response management and clean-up
Fire fighting and rescue
Waste management
Site remediation
Industrial services
Project management
Consultancy and training

Oil spill response services for the offshore sector
SES provides services to many of the world’s foremost oil and gas, refining, shipping and power companies, and has responded to thousands of marine and land-based oil spill incidents around the globe. We offer the following oil spill response services to the offshore sector:

Oil spill response, management and clean-up
Establishment and management of tier one, two and three services
Response exercise management and plan development
Oil spill response and preparedness training
Equipment rental and supply

Hazardous materials response services
With a long history of handling releases from a diverse range of sources, SES is a leading provider of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) response, consultancy and training. We provide:

Risk assessment and facility inspection
Emergency incident response
Waste handling, transportation and repackaging
Plan development

Fire fighting and rescue services for the offshore sector
SES delivers turnkey fire fighting and rescue services of the highest standard, servicing industrial and oil and gas facilities around the globe. This includes:

Pre-emergency planning and risk identification and assessment
Fire fighting standby and response
Fire safety services
Technical rescue, including high-angle rescue
Fire prevention and inspection

Waste management services for the offshore sector
SES provides waste management services to a variety of industrial sectors, including ports and shipping, oil and gas, construction, chemicals and the military. Our services include:

Material sampling and analysis
Waste characterisation and permitting
Waste transportation
Waste consolidation and packaging
Recycling and reuse

Site remediation services
SES provides comprehensive solutions for the removal of hazardous or contaminated materials from the environment, thereby mitigating their effect on public health and safety. We offer the following site remediation services for the offshore industry:

Facility decontamination
Oil sludge pit clean-up and remediation
Underground storage tank decommissioning
In-situ contaminated soil treatment
Groundwater treatment

Clean-up of waste materials at industrial facilities
SES utilises modern technology and highly skilled operators to clear equipment and facilities of waste materials, reduce downtime and optimise clients’ production activities. We offer:

Offshore, marine and land-based tank cleaning operations
Product and hazardous material transfers
Vessel lightering and ballasting
Pond and lagoon dewatering and clean-up

Project management services
SES has managed a full spectrum of commercial, industrial and public sector projects, including the restoration of fuel storage depots in the Middle East and road construction in the Caucasus.
Pipeline repair projects
SES has considerable expertise in the management of pipeline repair projects and coordinates the required engineering contractors, procurement specialists and emergency, environmental and medical standby teams for the most complex of pipeline repair operations.
Consultancy and training for the offshore sector
SES offers a full range of prevention, preparedness and response consultancy and training. Many of SES’ courses are accredited by professional bodies such as the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), The Nautical Institute (NI) and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). We offer the following consultancy and training services for the oil and gas industry:

Regulatory review and assessment
Health and safety and waste audits
Emergency response, security and business continuity planning
Emergency drill and exercise design and management
Training, including health and safety, crisis management, fire fighting, hazardous material handling and response, oil spill preparedness and response, and business continuity

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