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Marine Rescue Technologies are the UK manufacturers of the Sea Marshall? brand of Maritime Survivor Locating Devices. For the last 30 years we have been supplying Man Over Board alert & locate systems for industries such as oil & gas, shipping, fishing, yachting, diving, aquaculture & offshore wind farms. Sea Marshall? equipment has become recognised as the industry standard in the North Sea oil & gas industry with approximately 7,000 units in use daily.

The Sea Marshall? Alerting Units (PLBs) transmit on 121.5Mhz, the international search and rescue frequency, so as well as being able to "self manage" a man over board incident, local coastguard and search and rescue authorities can be called in if absolutely necessary.
We have also recently completed successful sea trials in the Red Sea and the Faroe Isles with our new AU9 500mw high powered Alerting Unit along with our upgraded Sarfinder 1003 MK11.

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