Satellite Images, Aerial Photos, GIS Mapping


Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC) is a global provider of high resolution image data, Geographic Information System (GIS) services, and mapping solutions. SIC accesses some of the world's most specialized remote sensors to procure satellite imagery and aerial photography for major industries. Sensors such as QuickBird, IKONOS and SPOT-5 produce high resolution satellite imagery as detailed as 0.6m from the QuickBird sensor.

Our archived and new Image data and products provided are highly useful for the industries of oil and gas exploration and production, agriculture and forestry, military and government, real estate and land development, and even motion pictures. Satellite Imaging Corporation's processing services are highly accurate and reasonably priced.

We assist our customers to tailor their satellite and aerial photography needs to project specifications, utilizing SIC's extensive experience in global satellite remote sensing, geodesy, surveying and mapping.

Remotely sensed data are GIS and CAD applicable for your convenience. A sample of Satellite Imaging Corporation's satellite imagery and DEM?s are available for viewing on our satellite image gallery page.

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