SAR turns waste into values through the development of integrated environmental friendly solutions. We are a quality supplier and specialise in total waste management solutions. Founded in 1967, we have developed into a major player in the Norwegian onshore and offshore waste handling industry. SAR has all of the necessary licences relating to waste handling activities in place and is certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 14001. We place the highest priority on health, safety, environment and quality in all our work operations and ensure that the work is carried out according to BAT and BEP. Our services and solutions are developed to meet requirements in the international market and organise for international growth. Waste handling services The SAR Group consists of several companies that provide waste handling solutions to different segments of the domestic and international industry. The companies complement our services to ensure that we are able to provide a full range of services. The SAR Group includes companies such as Nord Miljø (Sandnessjøen), SAR Treatment (Stavanger), SJT Renovasjon (Stavanger), SAR Metall (Stavanger) and SAR Chandra Environ (Kakinada, India). Total waste management processing and recycling plants SAR has six strategically located business units and three processing and recycling plants, which are located close to the major bases along the Norwegian coastline and in Kakinada, India. The domestic locations are Stavanger, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansund, Averøy and Hammerfest, all of which are equipped to perform required operations and have a total tank storage of 25,000m³. SAR’s main office is located outside Stavanger, near to the Tananger base. Total waste management services SAR focuses on the total waste management concept and provides services including receipt, treatment, processing and disposal of drill cuttings, oil sludge and other drilling wastes. We also perform tank cleaning services on vessels and onshore storage tanks. In addition, we provide transport, sorting, disposal and recycling of hazardous and industrial waste. Water treatment and purification services Water treatment and water purification is processed at 6t/hr at SAR Treatment. SAR Treatment is strategically based in Tananger Harbour, North Sea Base. Our environmental department offers waste chain management counselling, training, green audits, GAP-analysis, risk evaluation and certification. Oil and gas customers SAR’s main customers include StatoilHydro, ASCO, Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, Total E&P, Baker Hughes, IKM Gruppen, BP Norge (ASCO), ENI Norge, GMC Group, Talisman Energy Norge and Marathon Petroleum.

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