Saga-PCE provides specialised technical marketing services to the international petroleum industry and beyond. We supply high quality primary cementing and liner hanger products vital to ensuring successful cementation of casing and liner strings. Liner hangers Saga-PCE has provided liner hangers for a large number of critical wells, including HTHP and horizontal applications throughout Indonesia, Asia and the Middle East. Saga-PCE can supply a full range of liner hangers, both mechanical or hydraulic set with mechanical or hydraulic release. In addition to liner hangers, Saga-PCE also provides running tools and service engineers for successful liner installation. Reamer shoes Saga-PCE's reamer shoe guides liners or casing string to the total depth by navigating through obstructions or restrictions in the wellbore. It is compatible with all liner hanger and casing assemblies. It is designed to maximise by-pass flow and minimise voids and fluid traps. Due to its unique design, rotation is not always necessary as it re-establishes the gauge size of the hole to the size of the shoe, allowing easy transit of casing, liner and screening assemblies. Float equipment and centralisers All of our float equipment is manufactured in-house by CNC machinery, and is tested under the stringent API computer-controlled test loop facility to ensure the highest quality and durability standards are met. Our API test loop provides realistic down-hole conditions, including high temperature and pressure conditions, to examine the erosion and effects of float equipment under extended circulating conditions. Saga-PCE stocks float collars and shoes that feature positive plunger type back pressure valves to maintain well control and prevent cement from back-flowing into the casing. We also stock stab in and stab in latch in float collars and shoes for inner string cementing. Other floating equipment in our portfolio includes cementing plugs, guide shoes, mechanical and hydraulic stage cementing collars and circulating differential fill equipment. Centralisers are run to ensure optimum casing stand off for successful cementing of casing or liner strings. Saga-PCE's stock a full range of API and specialty centralisers including non-welded and welded bow type, flexi rigid, and rigid for both open hole and cased hole. Saga-PCE also stock a full range of centraliser accessories including stop collars, casing scratchers and cement baskets. About Saga-PCE Saga-PCE is the exclusive international distributor of primary cementing and liner hanger equipment for the manufacturer PT SagaTrade Murni (STM). STM has been manufacturing primary cementing equipment since 1987 and was one of the first large-scale oilfield manufacturing operations in Indonesia. STM has gone on to supply products worldwide.

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