Safe-Tee Management


Safe-Tee Management is an international provider of integrated risk management services. Since inception, Safe-Tee Management has developed into a market leader in the provision of Occupational Health Services, Audits, Workers Compensation/Disability Management,Training and Safety Consulting. Being as comprehensive as we are,allows our clients to receive continuity and value to develop, implement and maintain their health&safety; systems.Shirley Galloway R.N, has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable&dynamic; speaker, and her seminars on health&safety; issues are always full! Our services include:Site-Safety Supervision, Plant Turnaround Supervision,Medical Services,Audits,Workplace Inspection,Program development,Part-time Safety Officers,Ergonomic Assessments,Hearing Testing&Supervisor; Training,to name a few.We also carry a full line of first-aid supplies and safety products.We specialize in the oil&gas; and industrial sectors.