RTA Systems, Inc.


RTA Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer and primary distributor of TEPCO products for use in the environmental and oil industry. The TERRACAP Additives (for hard surfaces and soils) and the Aqua N-Cap Polymer (for spills on water) are unique superabsorbents that offer economical solutions to remediate and clean-up a wide-variety of fuels, oils, and other organic hydrocarbons. The TERRACAP Additives microencapsulate hydrocarbons on a molecular level into a sand-like matrix, and the Aqua N-Cap Polymer quickly transforms the spill into solid clusters, suitable for easy recovery. Both resolve and eliminate the hazardous characteristics of the spill or waste such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity. Customers of RTA Systems, Inc. can achieve up to 75% reduction in spill and waste handling costs through use of our products due to the non-hazardous nature of the resulting microencapsulated residue.

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