ReCoila is Australia and New Zealand's premier hose reel supplier, with over 30 years of experience and a comprehensive range of reels, plus a custom hose reel design and manufacturing facility located at the company's head office in Kings Park, NSW. Hose reels are used across a wide range of industries to make workplaces safer and more efficient. ReCoila is active in the marine, fuelling, offshore oil and gas, subsea exploration and fishing sectors, with a host of off-the-shelf and custom-made solutions supplied to maritime customers. ReCoila has also designed reels for petrochemical, mining and resources, food processing, firefighting and jetting and waterblasting industries. The company relies on its manufacturing experience, affordability, technical expertise and a solid after-sales service to retain its position as the leading supplier to these industries. It can always supply the right reel to provide safety and productivity for individual applications globally. Benefits of hose reels Hose reels provide for a safer and more efficient workplace. They reduce the likelihood of trips and falls, reducing accidents and thus compensation expenses for a company. Heavy, awkward hoses and cords can also cause ergonomic injuries if they are moved without the proper equipment. Leakage from improperly stored hoses can also cause slip hazards. Hose reels help to create a neat and tidy workplace where hoses and cords are easily located and properly stored. Hazards are reduced and hoses are protected from damage and given a longer life span. There will also be fewer work hours lost to finding, untangling, coiling and replacing hoses. Hose reel engineering ReCoila's engineering excellence ensures that the company produces some of the longer-lasting engineered polypropylene and steel reels on the market. Equipment undergoes stringent in-house and independent testing procedures, ensuring high-quality design, innovation, functionality and reliability. The company can custom design and manufacture reels for all kinds of applications when its standard range won't do. ReCoila recently completed a 2.5m-high umbilical reel for a subsea trenching project under Sydney Harbour. ReCoila hose reels are manufactured to have the following properties: Handle up to 6in diameter hoses in typical drum / flange type reels, or single-wrap reels Dual, triple and quad fluid path reels can handle multiple hoses, including umbilical hoses Reinforced for ultra-high-pressure applications up to 40,000psi Accommodate long hose or cable lengths Built for storage, transfer, dispensing or suction / vacuum applications, as well as cable reels for transferring power Designed for special media transfer including cryogenic, hydromulch, waste, chemicals, cooking fats, foam, road emulsion and more Can be mounted on multiple reel platforms or skids Large hose reel range The large number of ReCoila engineered reels is supplemented with high-quality hose, cord and cable reels from manufacturers around the world. Additionally, the ability of the company to design and manufacture reels to custom specifications means that it is sure to have a reel to suit any need. International hose reel supplier Based in Western Sydney, ReCoila can deliver hose reels across Australia and globally. The company has resellers based in a number of urban and rural areas. Long-standing relationships with national and international freight carriers mean an efficient service and swift delivery.