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Radio Holland Singapore is a member of the Radio Holland Group, which has its headquarters in Rotterdam. The group employs over 1,000 people worldwide in more than 60 branches. The Radio Holland Group is an independent, global group of companies, strategically located along all major shipping routes, specialised in the supply, installation and service of maritime electronics.
Our services cover sales, consultancy, design, engineering, integration, installation, commissioning, maintenance and support. We can either integrate our products into your existing architecture or build customised systems from scratch.
Radio systems for ship-to-shore communications
Radio has long been used to establish ship-to-shore communication; even now, the frequency bands MF, HF and VHF still play a vital role. Radio Holland Group offers a wide range of systems that utilise radio capabilities, from sturdy hand-held units that can be used under the most extreme weather conditions, to terminals that quickly establish contact for distress, safety and routine calls.
Satellite communication systems for offshore communications
The satellite communication tools available today have dramatically changed our life and the way we work at sea. Nowadays, whether you are at sea or on land, email, internet, video, fax, data and voice communication are part of daily life. A good example of this is broadband technology, where the possibilities are unlimited: continuous weather report updates, video conferencing, huge data transmission capabilities, sending and receiving images, remote diagnostics, etc.
Radio Holland Group proudly offers a comprehensive range of satcom solutions. We will gladly advise you on how you can improve your communication and make your communication costs predictable.
Offshore navigation equipment
Radio Holland Group has always played an important role in the development of navigation equipment, and introduces technological innovations, mostly developed in close cooperation between Radio Holland Group, leading manufacturers, customers and ships’ crews. The ultimate goal is to serve the navigational needs of the maritime community reliably and efficiently. Our aim is always to improve the efficiency and safety of all vessels at sea and on the inland waterways.
We supply a wide range of navigation products from the world’s leading manufacturers. As a distributor, we can independently offer customised solutions, integrating a variety of equipment into a single cohesive system.
Maritime electronics for on-board computers
The relentless vibrations of a ship – its jolts and shudders – all conspire against on-board computers, causing hard-drive problems and frequent malfunctions. And yet, there is so much that computers can do on-board a ship: facilitate the loading and unloading of carriers; support fleet management functions; provide all standard office functions, such as email, word-processing and internet; and provide the crew with entertainment.
Radio Holland Group offers the very latest in maritime electronics. Inspired by satcom technology, regulations and safety standards, and always striving to help our customers operate their vessels more effectively, we offer a variety of new products and services in the field of maritime electronics.
Offshore infotainment systems
The Radio Holland Group’s MIND concept integrates innovative ICT technologies in a single multimedia system for (digital) communication, information, entertainment and operational applications. With your (pocket) PC or PDA you have all your multimedia facilities at your fingertips – audio, video, internet, email and IP telephony – anywhere on-board.
MIND is an easy to use computer network with unprecedented options that was specially developed for maritime use. All this is made possible by the Wi-Fi network, which is created through wireless access points, providing a high level of flexibility. It is a durable and flexible platform that you can easily expand and update.
Offshore safety systems
An automatic identification system (AIS) allows vessels and coast stations to identify vessels in their area. It is designed to enhance the safety of life at sea and the efficiency of navigation, and to protect the marine environment.
A voyage data recorder (VDR), or ‘black box’, has become mandatory; VDRs help to ascertain what went wrong when accidents occur. Radio Holland Group takes care of the complex project management of VDR installations and the required interfacing on board. We can also provide expert advice on ships’ security alert systems (SSAS) and future long-range identification systems (LRIT).
Radio Holland Group continues to carefully and independently offer the best solutions available for efficient and safe ship operations. This is our commitment to the maritime industry.

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