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Pure Technologies is a leading supplier of pipeline leak detection and monitoring systems. We specialize in innovative infrastructure testing and monitoring technology. With numerous patented technologies in our portfolio, we are recognized as a provider of high-quality, pioneering technical solutions.
Our SoundPrint® technology is based on acoustic methods and is used to monitor the condition of critical infrastructure worldwide. For pipeline operators in the oil and gas industry we offer our SoundPrint® acoustic fiber-optic monitoring system and SmartBall® leak detection system.
Pipeline leak detection technology
SmartBall® is a pioneering new leak detection technology. It is a free-swimming inline tool that travels with the fluid flow, collecting information about leaks over the length of the pipeline with a single deployment. SmartBall is capable of acoustically detecting and accurately locating very small leaks in a wide range of pipeline types. The ball also logs the pressure, temperature and speed of the product throughout the inspected section.
Detecting leaks in offshore pipelines
Early detection of leaks in hazardous materials pipelines is essential to reduce product loss and damage to the environment. Small undetected leaks can result in very high clean-up costs and have the potential to grow into more serious failures.
SmartBall provides a unique, straightforward and reliable method of detecting and locating even pinhole leaks in inaccessible pipelines such as those located offshore. The ball can be used under a wide range of operating conditions and is suitable for both liquids and gas service. Pipelines of 4in diameter and greater can be inspected, and distances of several hundred kilometers are possible in a single inspection.
Flexible, easy-to-use acoustic leak detection and in-line inspection technology
The SmartBall consists of a urethane ball with an instrumented aluminum alloy core. It can be inserted and retrieved from a pipeline under normal operation using existing pigging facilities, but its size and shape allow it to be launched by other means and to negotiate obstacles that could otherwise render a pipeline unpiggable. The device is spherical and smaller than the pipe bore, which allows it to roll silently through the line and achieve the highest responsiveness to small leaks. It represents a radical new approach that combines the sensitivity of acoustic leak detection with the 100% coverage capability of in-line inspection.
SmartBall may be used in conjunction with a typical ILI (‘smart pigging’) program, giving the pipeline operator assurance that non-detectable defects such as pinhole microbial corrosion are not causing unexpected leaks. Its ease of use enables it to be run periodically during the inter-inspection period to demonstrate the ongoing integrity of the line. It is also an ideal tool for verifying the existence and location of leaks suggested by other means, for example unexpected pressure/flow deviations reported by the pipeline SCADA system.
Continuous, high-fidelity acoustic inspection records
Following the run, the SmartBall data are downloaded to a computer for analysis. This process is relatively fast, so the initial decision on whether a leak exists in the line can often be made before the field crew leaves the inspection site. The SmartBall log is comprised of a continuous, high-fidelity acoustic record of the inspected section over a wide range of frequencies. Leaks are identified by the characteristic acoustic ‘signature’ produced when a pressurized product escapes to a lower pressure environment.
Acoustic fiber-optic pipeline monitoring systems
Our SoundPrint® acoustic fiber-optic (AFO) technology has been deployed over several hundred kilometers of pipeline to provide continuous monitoring of its condition, making Pure Technologies the supplier of one of the largest AFO networks in the world. The technology uses optical fiber as an extended acoustic sensor, allowing the user to detect acoustic events anywhere along the monitored length.
For the oil and gas industry we offer SoundPrint® AFO to detect unauthorized activity (accidental or malicious) in the vicinity of the pipeline. This can provide warning, and help prevent damage from third-party activities, or even detect sabotage or product theft. The SoundPrint® acoustic fiber-optic monitoring system provides 24-hour warning of unauthorized activities in the pipeline proximity, and can also be used for leak monitoring.
Leak detection using distributed temperature sensing
An associated service, which makes use of the same installed infrastructure, is leak detection using distributed temperature sensing. This service is also offered by Pure Technologies on request.

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