ProSep designs and manufactures technically advanced process solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. ProSep offers a wide range of conventional and proprietary process equipment to treat gas, oil and water.
CO2, H2S and H2O removal membranes
Ideal for CO2, H2S and H2O removal from natural gas for pipeline gas sales, enhanced oil recovery and de-bottlenecking amine plants, ProSep's membrane systems can efficiently treat feed gas at 300psig-1,715psig, and 3%-88% CO2 concentrations down to below 2%, without using chemicals.
Gas dehydrators
Glycol dehydration units are used to remove water vapour from gas. ProSep's gas dehydrators are compact and easy to operate, provide high dehydration capacity and minimal glycol loss, and are environmentally friendly.
Compact proprietary gas-treatment systems
A scavenging technology used for offshore and onshore removal of small amounts of H2S (less than 100ppm) from gas or liquids in the pipeline down to 2ppm-4ppm, ProScav allows for 30%-40% reductions in scavenger chemical consumption with a low pressure drop and high turndown ratio.
ProCap, a compact alkanolamine plant, improves H2S selectivity and reduces solvent circulation rates. Offering best performances at high CO2 concentrations, it can remove above 90% of H2S.
ProDry is a gas dehydration system that efficiently re-circulates solvent (usually TEG) and uniformly mixes it in high-pressure gas for optimal performance with minimal pressure drop.
Oil-treatment separators
Custom-designed two or three-phase oil-treatment separators using state-of-the-art internals are built to ensure optimal performance.
Oil-treatment water removal systems
Custom-designed two or three-phase water removal systems help meet the highest oil quality requirements. Only free water is removed from the production inlet stream, leaving the emulsified water in the outlet oil stream.
Thermal treaters
Thermal treaters are designed to combine both heating and coalescing capabilities in an efficient two or three-phase vessel. They are available with mechanical or electrostatic coalescing elements.
Mechanical or electrostatic desalters
Designed for optimal extraction of corrosive metallic salts from crude oil, our mechanical or electrostatic desalters are available as single or multi-stage dehydration systems.
Compact proprietary oil-treatment systems
ProSalt is a highly efficient desalting singe or multi-stage process designed to reduce freshwater consumption by 40%, significantly reducing pressure drop and improving downstream oil in water separability.
ProMix is a high-efficiency mixing technology that provides optimal performance of chemicals injected into the production stream. It generates a homogenous phase flow and significantly lower pressure drop than conventional mixing methods, and improves chemically reactive efficiency, reducing overall consumption.
Primary-separation water-treatment hydrocyclones
Ideal for offshore operations where high pressure is available, our water-treatment hydrocyclones' centrifugal forces can typically achieve removal efficiencies of 85%-95% of all oil droplets.
Corrugated plate interceptors (CPI) and vertical skimmers
Ideal for onshore or fixed platforms where available pressure is low or inlet oil concentrations are high, CPI pressurised vessels are designed to enhance coalescence and separation; liquid-packed pressure vessel versions can be used for floating applications.
Best suited for low-pressure or high-inlet oil concentrations, vertical skimmers are good motion-insensitive alternatives to CPIs.
Induced gas flotation (IGF) and dissolved gas flotation (DGF)
IGF and DGF are ideal for onshore and fixed offshore operations when solubility of inert and fuel gas rises at high temperatures. Gas bubbles are introduced into the water stream in horizontal multiple-cell units where gas bubbles attach to oil and solids. They can achieve oil-in-water concentrations of nearly 15mg/l.
Nutshell filters
Best suited for onshore operations where inlet oil and solids concentrations are below 50mg/l, nutshell filters (using renewable pecan or walnut as media) can efficiently treat water for discharge down to less than 3mg/l of oil in water.
Compact proprietary water treatment systems for tertiary treatment
Currently one of the best available technologies for the treatment of large volumes of produced water, CTour® yields residual oil discharge of less than 4ppm. It removes both dispersed oil and dissolved hydrocarbon contaminants (by 80%-95%) by means of condensate.
Using a coalescing media cartridge system, TORRTM and RPA® multi-stage adsorption and separation cartridges can separate gas and oil droplets larger than 2μm from produced water.
The Sorbfloc™ process uses a proprietary high-performance environmental and biodegradable flocculent to efficiently remove dispersed oil from produced water. It has the capacity to remove harmful components such as dissolved hydrocarbons, heavy metals and nanoparticles.