Profab is a recognised leader in the fabrication industry, with specialised capabilities in pressure vessels, modules, skids and platforms, subsea and mooring equipment, piping and specialist structures. Comprehensive marine fabrication facilities At the heart of Profab's business is our fabrication facility in Batam, Indonesia. Located in a customs and duty-free zone, just a short 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore, our facility features 14ha of dedicated fabrication space, which includes the following pre-fabrication facilities: Computer numerical-controlled (CNC) plate-cutting Plate and beam rolling Beam fabrication line CNC universal beam coping CNC tubular profiling (ideal for TKY joints) The Profab facility also includes more than 30,000m² of under-cover workshops, including: Dedicated pipe spools workshop Stainless and duplex-steel workshop Pressure vessels workshop Autoblast line Extensive paint-shop facilities Warehouse facilities for both Profab and client materials Profab facilities also include a post-weld heat treatment furnace (PWHT) furnace and 350m water frontage with dedicated loadout quay, assuring not only capability, but capacity to execute a wide range of projects, from small skids to complex multi-discipline modular structures. Fabrication for onshore, offshore and subsea applications Profab has an outstanding safety track record and extensive experience in fabrication for onshore, offshore and subsea applications, including FPSOs. Profab has a long history supporting the oil and gas industry, and is familiar with the standards and requirements this entails. Profab has helped its customers achieve their objectives of lower-cost fabrication, without compromising on quality, safety or timely delivery. At Profab, the focus has always been on maximising the work performed in-house. Profab employs more than 1,800 dedicated and trained personnel, with capacity to expand to 2,500. Profab provides training on a continuing basis and has extensively invested in the latest systems and equipment, including: Tekla for precision dimensional control Welding equipment, including automatic and semi-automatic flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) Submerged arc, including twin arc systems Overlay hot-wire tungsten inert gas (TIG) Bending, rolling, profiling and straightening equipment Painting equipment Profab has served projects and supplied fabricated products in more than 24 countries, representing every inhabited continent. Profab's client base represents some of the world's largest and most respected organisations, with a high volume of repeat business. Pressure vessel fabrication Certified to AMSE U, U2, PP, S, R and National Board Accreditation, Profab has a long history in the design, manufacturing and testing of pressure vessels. In-house engineering and QA/QC capabilities ensure all fabrication is completed in strict accordance with applicable standards, codes, procedures and statutory requirements. Profab fabrication experience includes ASME, NORSOK, CE, PED and Australian Standards. Profab has the capability to roll in-house, plate up to 125mm-thickness and fabricate vessels in excess of 13m-diameter and 70m-length. Profab's one-stop-shop capability entails the building of all types of vessel accessories, including ladders, platforms, piping and internals. We also build the skids and modules that our pressure vessels eventually join, minimising interface risks and saving on transport time and cost for our customers. Skids and modules for the offshore sector Profab's diverse range of skills and in-house capabilities means that the company is well-placed to fabricate multidiscipline skids and modules for a wide range of applications. Profab offers an extensive array of skids and modules experience, including: Metering skids Firewater skids Dehydration skids Fuel gas skids Chemical injection skids Pipe rack modules Power generation modules Process modules Produced water and seawater treatment packages Refrigeration and compression skids Profab provides skids and modules for the following applications: Drill rigs FPSOs and FSUs Onshore oil and gas processing facilities LNG plants CSG gas gathering systems Power plants Chemical plants Water treatment facilities Skid sizes range from 20MT to 250MT and Profab can fabricate and load-out modules up to 3,000MT. Off-site fabrication for onshore projects Profab has extensive experience in fabrication and can provide fabrication solutions for a wide range of projects, enabling customers to take advantage of offsite fabrication, in order to save on time and cost for construction projects. Profab's fabricated elements include: Prefabricated structures for jetties, such as piles, decks and platforms Prefabricated and fully trial-assembled tank roofs for LNG, propane and butane Prefabricated pipe rack structures, catwalks and flare booms Fabricated pipe spools in a wide range of materials Fabricated modules and skids for locations worldwide Profab's ability to fabricate pressure vessels and piping, as well as structural steel, assures a smooth integrated process that minimises downtime and interface risks. Subsea and mooring system fabrication One of Profab's core specialties is in subsea and mooring system fabrication. Profab fully understands the challenging environments where mooring and subsea equipment must operate, as well as the high costs involved in working offshore. Profab's high-quality fabrication provides customers with peace of mind. Profab's specialised fabrication services cover the following areas: Fabrication of single-point moorings Calm buoys Turrets Mooring buoys Mating cones for FPSOs, PLEMs and PLETs Gravity bases Protection frames Subsea jumper and tie-in spools Mid-water arches Buoyancy tanks

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