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PAC Stainless is an international supplier of stainless steel and nickel tubular products, compression tube fittings and other associated industrial products. Its product line of corrosion-resistant material grades includes super duplex 2507, Tungum alloy, 317L and nickel alloys 400 and 625, along with the commodity grades T304L and T316L in stick and coil tube forms.
Imperial and metric stainless-steel instrumentation / hydraulic tubing
To ensure rapid shipment of small or large orders to our customers, PAC maintains deep stock levels in a wide range of sizes at its facilities across North America. We specialize in imperial and metric-sized tubing in both seamless and welded product forms. ISO-certified manufacturers located in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia produce these tubes.
Should your material requirement be for the commodity grades 304/L and 316/L, coiled tubes, special alloys or seawater corrosion-resistant steel chemistries, PAC Stainless provides a wide variety of appropriate tubing solutions.
The company's tubing catalog provides a broad range of options for instrumentation and hydraulic applications, including many difficult to locate configurations. Outside diameters for imperial-sized tubes range from 0.065in to 4in, and metric-sized tubes from 3mm to 42mm.
Super duplex 2507 and Tungum tubing
PAC Stainless is the market leader in the supply of special chemistry grade tubing for the severe corrosion challenges posed by seawater environments. We stock the largest inventory of super duplex 2507 tubing in the Americas. Tungum is a dynamic alloy grade that is guaranteed to last the life of any offshore rig installation. Along with its demonstrated corrosion resistance capability, this material provides valuable mechanical attributes and installation cost advantages.
These two special grades provide superior utility in a variety of applications in oil and gas production (topside platform applications), marine, petrochemical processing, defense, deep-sea diving, laboratory and hospital equipment.
Stainless-steel coil tubing
Prominently utilized in the oil and gas industry, instrumentation tubing in coiled form allows longer lengths of tubing to be installed without the need for joining twenty foot lengths with tube fittings. PAC maintains an inventory of both welded and seamless coil tubing. This material can be supplied in maximum mill production lengths or in cut-to-lengths sections as short as 50ft long. This product is available in diameters from 0.065in through 0.75in.
Stainless-steel pipe
Stainless-steel pipe is utilized for many conveyance and structural applications where resistance to corrosion is an important attribute. We keep stock of both the welded and seamless pipe products in both 304/L and 316/L grades. Both welded and seamless stainless-steel pipes are produced to the ASTM A312 production specification
Pipe is sized according to the nominal pipe size (NPS) system, also referred to as iron pipe size (IPS). PAC stocks a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses (schedules).
Stainless-steel and brass dual ferrule tube fittings
BI-Lok Series D dual ferrule tube fittings are composed of four precision-machined component parts: the fitting body, front ferrule, back ferrule and nut. These fittings are shipped fully assembled and individually bagged.
Once the tubing has been fully inserted into the fitting, a leak-tight seal is achieved through the simple action of tightening the nut against the fitting body. The tightening of the nut provides the axial thrust required to engage the captively held ferrules against the outside diameter of the tubing. The staged swaging action of the ferrules, with minimal torque transfer to the tubing during make-up, provides the key to BI-Lok's high integrity sealing capability and exceptional service life.
The selection of the proper tubing is essential to both the performance and safety of a tubing system. The variables – system pressure, media, flow operating temperature and environmental conditions – should all be given careful consideration. Similar materials should be used together (i.e. stainless-steel fittings with stainless-steel tubing, brass fittings with copper tubing). In order to achieve proper fitting make-up, the tubing must be softer than the fitting
BI-Lok tube fittings are designed, manufactured and inspected to the rigid quality requirements of the ISO-certified production facility. These fittings have been tested and certified to a variety of global international industry standards.

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